Windows 7 System Right Key shortcut problem

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  We are in Win 7 right key cannot create a new shortcut problem, the question describes as the title, below record the solution, view with. LNK related registry information, save the following code to A.bat run.

  Description of the title, the following record of the solution:   First, view the registry information related to. lnk, save the following code to A.bat run:   C # code   REG Query hkcr.lnk/s >   %userprofile%desktopregquery.txt "&start Notepad"%userprofile%desktopregquery.txt "  This code finds the settings for the. lnk (shortcut) in the registry, saves the search results to the RegQuery.txt file on the desktop, and then opens the file.     Second, to view the search information, my information is as follows:   RegQuery.txt   Hkey_classes_root.lnk   (Default) REG_SZ Lnkfile   Hkey_classes_root.lnkshellex   Hkey_classes_root.lnkshellex   (Default) REG_SZ   HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT . Lnkshellex   (default) REG_SZ   Hkey_classes_root.lnkshellex   (default) REG_SZ   Hkey_classe S_root.lnkshellex   (Default) REG_SZ   hkey_classes_root.lnkshellnew   Handler REG_SZ   ICONPA Th REG_EXPAND_SZ%systemroot%system32shell32.dll,-16769   itemname REG_SZ @shell32. dll,-30397   MenuText REG _SZ @shell32. dll,-30318   Nullfile REG_SZ   Command REG_SZ Rundll32.exe Appwiz.cpl,newlinkheRe%1-------> bold ~ ~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Hkey_classes_ Root.lnkshellnewconfig   Dontrename REG_SZ   Bold Row is the problem, shellnew command if the above situation, then need to modify. (The above registry condition is applicable to XP ...).   Third, fix the problem (just remove the Command line), save the following code to B.bat, run:   C # code   REG delete hkcr.lnkshellnew/v command/f &   nbsp This line of code deletes the command line in Shellnew, and then right--> The new-> shortcut when it's done. I've been able to create a new shortcut successfully.   IV, after fixing the problem the LNK related registry information is as follows:   RegQuery.txt writes   Hkey_classes_root.lnk   (default) REG_SZ Lnkfile &nbsp   ; Hkey_classes_root.lnkshellex   Hkey_classes_root.lnkshellex   (default) REG_SZ   Hkey_classes_root.lnkshel LEx   (default) REG_SZ   Hkey_classes_root.lnkshellex   (default) REG_SZ   Hkey_classes_root.lnkshellex   (default) REG_SZ   Hkey_classes_root.lnkshellnew   Handler REG_SZ   IconPath REG_EXPAND_SZ%syste mroot%system32shell32.dll,-16769   ItemName REG_SZ @shell32. dll,-30397 &nbsP MenuText REG_SZ @shell32. dll,-30318   Nullfile REG_SZ   Hkey_classes_root.lnkshellnewconfig   Dontren Ame REG_SZ  ----EOF----  Through the above examples, can solve the problem!  
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