Windows 7 virtual WiFi settings, but wireless network connection 2 cannot connect to the Internet, other devices can connect to the wireless network, but cannot access the network

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Many netizens have encountered this problem. In win7, the computer is shared as a WiFi hotspot, but the WiFi hotspot (usually wireless connection 2) cannot be connected to the Internet ,:

If you encounter such a problem, it must be that the connection you normally access is not correctly shared. For example, your computer is currently using a local connection to connect to the Internet, if you want to use your mobile phone to connect to wireless network connection 2 (Virtual WiFi hotspot) to access the Internet, you need to share the local connection on your computer with wireless network connection 2: local Connection-right-click Properties-share, set as follows

Click "set" and select all of the following options.


Note: If you want to use your local connection, select the network connection from the drop-down list, for example, if we want wireless network connection 2 to use local connection data, we should select wireless network connection 2,

But there is another question: What if you cannot see the network connection you want to share in the drop-down list? Note: There is a home network connection in the drop-down list !!! Therefore, you must ensure that the network connection you want to share belongs to the home network. You can change it to the network list and then share the local connection, you can see wireless network connection 2 in the share drop-down list !!! The same is true for the above operations!


Appendix: how do I create a Wi-Fi hotspot in win7?



  1. Enable the "virtual WiFi nic" Function

    Run the command prompt as an administrator and enter:
    Netsh WLAN set hostednetwork mode = allow SSID = random key = random write

    Mode = allow indicates that the virtual Nic is enabled, SSID = Virtual WiFi name, key = Virtual wifi password. You can enter these three commands separately:
    Set hostednetwork mode = allow
    Set hostednetwork SSID = Random Access
    Set hostednetwork key = random write

    The password must be at least 8 characters long. The password can be set, but it is best to set it to prevent others from hacking!

    After setting, open "network and sharing center", click "Change adapter Settings" on the left, and a "wireless network connection 2" is displayed ", this is the virtual Wi-Fi network card we have enabled.

  2. Open the network and sharing center, click the connection method you are connecting to the network, right-click Properties, share tab, and select allow other network users to connect through the Internet of this computer, select "wireless network connection 2" from the drop-down list ".

  3. Start virtual WiFi
    Enter the following command in the command line window and press Enter.
    Netsh WLAN start hostednetwork

  4. At this time, you can find the Wi-Fi signal on your mobile phone or laptop and connect to the internet!

    Disable virtual WiFi:
    Netsh WLAN stop hostednetwork

    Uninstall virtual WiFi:
    Netsh WLAN set hostednetwork mode = disallow

    View terminal information connected to the virtual WiFi Host:
    Netsh WLAN show hostednetwork

    Virtual WiFi will also be shut down when it is shut down, and it will be restarted when it is used next time. We recommend that you make these common commands into batch files. Method: copy the command character to notepad and save it as a. BAT file. You can double-click it later.

  5. This step is critical. The above steps can help your mobile phone to connect to the laptop's wifi hotspot, but your mobile phone may not be able to access the network (choose WiFi network on the mobile phone, enter the password, I will not say, yes)

    Open Network and sharing center> wireless network connection 2> details> View IPv4: address and write down

    Go to the WiFi tab on your mobile phone, long-Press the connected wireless network, select "modify network configuration", select "show advanced options", and select "ip address" from the drop-down list to set it to> from the drop-down list, find "Gateway" and set it to, which is the same as the IPv4 address you just found. from the drop-down list, find "dns1" and set it to> storage

    This is the entire process. Note that the key lies in step 1. Baidu can search for the above four steps, the gateway and DSN on the mobile phone must be set to the IP address of the WiFi hotspot set on the laptop to ensure that the mobile phone can access the Internet after connection.


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