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In the past, the most common solution for an application that had no response to death was to use Task Manager to turn off its process. So many users may not be familiar with other features, but task Manager is certainly not unfamiliar. As Windows systems are upgraded, task managers are becoming more powerful and less limited to shutting down processes.

By Windows 8, Task Manager can not only master the CPU and memory usage of each process, but also real-time rendering of data including disk read and write status, network traffic usage, and integrate the startup management, user account activity status and other functions. Today, small make up to take everyone to understand and know about Windows 8 Task Manager, and teach you a few strokes easy to play it ...

The first time you use Windows 8 Task Manager, you'll probably see the image in the following diagram, a simple task manager that can never be simpler.

Initial use may see such task Manager

No doubt, this is indeed the Windows 8 Task Manager, of course, this is the WIN8 Task Manager's streamlined mode, click the "Details" below to see the full task Manager. In addition to the "Service" tab, the rest of Win8 's task manager has changed significantly compared to Win7.

Full-state task Manager

Improvement of WIN8 Task Manager

The first is the process section, which consolidates applications and system processes together, displaying applications, background processes, and Windows processes separately, by dividing the process types. Each process also shows CPU usage, memory footprint, disk read and write, and network usage, respectively.

Performance chart

Performance section, which features a compact version of the Resource Monitor that graphically displays the CPU, memory, disk, and network global information for this computer.

WIN8 Application History

Application history, which is specifically set up for WIN8 applications. From here, users can view the operation of all WIN8 applications in the last one months, including the total elapsed time, the amount of network traffic consumed, and the amount of traffic consumed by the update of the tiles.

Computer Knowledge Start Management

The startup section allows users to manage native startup items.

Of the remaining three tags, the user section informs the current logged-on user of the system resources they are using; the details are equivalent to the process tag in Win7; The service tag is the same as the old version feature.

Fine-tune task Manager to make it easier to use

After you've learned the WIN8 Task Manager, here's how to make it better.

Windows 8 Task Manager By default, the Status column in the process bar is a bit of a waste of space, and it would be nice if you could change it to more useful information.

In fact, this idea is entirely feasible, we can replace the "status" with "process name", the application and process file one by one, and even add the application's publisher name.

Under the Process tab, right click on the "name" (or other), cancel "status" before the tick, and then check "publisher" and "process name" can be.

Change process label Display content

If you do not like the current grouping arrangement, you can revert to Win7 as well. Click the view command to remove the "group by type" tick before all the processes are merged together.

Today is the era of multi-core CPUs, if you want to understand the use of each core, you can under the Performance tab, the right key to the CPU window, select "Change Graphics to"-"logical processor" can be.

To view the usage of a single logical processor

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