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1) off the machine

The problem is a bit funny, but some friends do not know that the Start menu in Windows 8 will be replaced by the Metro interface, the shutdown button also disappeared, we can use several methods to achieve shutdown:

A. ALT+F4: Shortcut key, press ALT+F4 under Windows interface to eject the shutdown menu

B. Win+i: Open "Settings", select power button shutdown, sleep, etc.

C. Desktop Establishment shortcuts, desktop right key new-shortcuts, shutdown input shutdown.exe-s-t 00, restart then enter Shutdown.exe-r-T 00, right-click Shortcut properties, replaceable display icon

D. Metro interface to add a shutdown button, the upper content in the desktop after the establishment of a shutdown shortcut, the right button to select the fixed to the "start" screen can be seen in the Metro interface.

2 Close Metro Application

A. Reopen the Metro program by pressing ALT+F4, closing the program ... Alt+f4 really is the best artifact

B. Mouse over the interface, you can move the mouse to the top of the screen, when the mouse arrow into the "small hand", point and drag down to the bottom of the screen and then let go.

3 Multi-Task switching

Multi-task switching in Windows 8 is very convenient, move the mouse to the top left of the screen, you can see the background of the preferred thumbnail, click to switch, you can also slide the mouse to display the full background program thumbnail.

4 Search Everywhere

There is no doubt that the search is more powerful in Windows 8, you can search by shortcut keys, and in the Metro interface, you may enter search content directly to search

Win+q: Search for "apps"

Win+f: Searching for "files"

Win+w: Search for "Settings"

5) Charms Sidebar

Windows8 introduced the charms sidebar, you can move the mouse to the lower right corner can be on the right side of the pop-up, you can press the shortcut key Win+c pop-up, will show the date time and search, share, settings and other menus, very convenient

6 Quick Launch Taskbar program

Windows8 in the application of Windows 7, such as the operation of the taskbar can still be used, the program is fixed to the taskbar, press the win+ corresponding number keys shortcut keys can quickly start. For example IE10 bit first, press win+1 to start.

7 Change the taskbar folder to turn on the computer

Folder locked on the taskbar by default open is "library", many friends will not be accustomed to, the same we can modify, taskbar folder Right Key Explorer properties, the target column replaced by "%windir%explorer.exe," can be, without quotes including commas, commas before the space, and then apply.

8) Adjust the input box size with input method

The lower right corner of the input method to open the input input options, the Appearance tab to modify the appearance of the font size, OK.

9) Metroie Open Desktop IE

This is caused by setting the default browser, IE set the default browser to restore the Metro interface ie open to Metro version ie

Metroie Web page using desktop version IE open

When browsing the Web page in Metroie, if you want to open the current page through a desktop browser, click on the bottom Right tool button to select "View on the desktop"

11) Change the user avatar

Through the Microsoftid login may be the default avatar is small, the display will be blurred, you can set up in the Metro Settings panel to modify the large resolution head, but also can modify the lock screen wallpaper and start screen color (change avatar can be in the Metro interface in the upper right corner avatar click Change Avatar Entry)

12) out of the "Start" screen useless button

After installing the program, the the start screen will have a lot of unwanted shortcuts (in fact, we just want to leave a program is good) other useless shortcuts can be deleted by a lot of right click on the bottom left from the "start" screen can be removed (still can be found in all programs removed shortcuts)


After installing Windows 8, you will not be able to install MSE, this is because Windows 8 has already brought Windows Defender, including MSE features, so there is no need to reinstall, of course, you can install other anti-virus software to enhance protection, there is no conflict.

14) "Start" screen grouping

The start screen can also be named for each group, the operation method is very simple, in the "Start" screen at the bottom of the magnifying glass click to minimize, and then right click on any group of clicks to change the name can be changed successfully after the "start" screen to see.

15) Robbin in the resource Manager

The Resource Manager menu interface in Windows 8 has been changed to the Robbin interface, which we have seen in office before, can be hidden or displayed, double click on the tab name to hide, and show more (can pop up when mouse clicks)

WINDOWS8 Common shortcut keys

WI Key--Open the Start screen

win+d--Display Desktop

win+e--Turn on your computer

win+r--Open the Run dialog box

win+l--Lock Computer

win+m--minimized window

win+ Key--the window is the largest, smallest, left, right

win+ numeric keys 1 to 9--start taskbar corresponding program

win+pause--display "System Properties"

win+t--Loop show taskbar individual programs

Win+c--charm (Super button) display menu and clock

win+x--Display Control Panel menu

win+i--display "Settings" menu, different interface display menu is different

win+k--display "Device" menu, monitor, printer, etc.

win+h--display the "Share" menu, you can share content to friends

win+w--Open the Search personality category for the selected settings

win+f--Open the Search personality category for the selected file

win+q--Open the selected application's "Search" personality category

win+ Space Bar--Toggles the language or Input method (if multiple languages or inputs are enabled)

win+z--Open the command or option for the current application

win+o--turn on or off the screen orientation lock

win+printscreen--intercepts the current screen and saves it to my Pictures

win+enter--, open Narrator.

Win +v--The notice in the screen to cycle the switch

win+pageup--the Start screen in multiple monitor settings to the left monitor

win+pagedown--the Start screen in multiple monitor settings to the right monitor

win+ '--when you align your application to one side, this hotkey switches the center of the application on the screen.

win+.--when you align your application to one side, this hotkey moves the splitter bar to the right

win+shift+.--when you align your application to one side, this hotkey moves the splitter bar to the left

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