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It is reported that the Windows 8 user interface will not change much compared to the Windows 7 operating system, but the system kernel will be greatly improved.

Currently, there are a lot of rumors about Windows 8 in the network, but it is difficult to determine what new features will be included in Windows 8 because Microsoft has not made any external confirmation.

Recently, we have summed up all the rumors of Windows 8, and classified them as follows:

Storage Features

Because of the large number of infrastructure installation applications in the enterprise, users have relied on Third-party tools to handle disk image and drive maintenance tasks. However, over the years, Microsoft has been developing a new generation of file systems.

1. ISO Mounting

At present, other desktop operating systems (Mac OS X, Linux) have the basic function of processing disk images, but today it is still necessary to use third-party tools to load ISO image files under Windows System. Reliable sources say the problem will be terminated in Windows 8.

Later, whether it is to look at the documents in the ISO or directly loaded mirrors, can be directly completed through the system, and also has its own burning function, only in some advanced application requirements will be the use of Third-party professional tools.

Hearsay credibility: 70%

2, adjust the Disk Cleanup

To help users manage disk space, Microsoft will improve the Disk Cleanup tool in Windows 8. Unlike the relatively simple tools in Windows 7, the improved Disk Cleanup tool will include options that allow users to store files by size and classification, which can help you clean up the disk space quickly and save a lot of disk space.

Hearsay credibility: 70%

3. Portable workstation

It is rumored that Microsoft will add the "Portable workstation" feature to Windows 8, which allows users to run Windows 8 directly from a USB storage device and allows the user to carry the Windows 8 operating system on a USB drive. It is reported that the portable workstation function requires at least 16GB space support.

Hearsay credibility: 70%

4. History Vault

The History Vault is an advanced backup feature of Windows 8, a bit like the time Machine feature in Apple Mac OS X, which automatically saves the latest versions of everything on your Mac, including photos, music, videos, documents, applications, and settings, and can recover any file at any moment.

The History Vault is also able to back up Windows systems and various files, quickly returning to a previous version when necessary.

Hearsay credibility: 70%

5, WinFS

Since 2003, Microsoft has been working to develop a new Windows file system that was planned to be pushed to the user in 2006 as part of Windows Vista, but was not successful.

Today, there is speculation that Microsoft will bring us WinFS new Generation file system format in Windows 8, we are not yet known.

In fact, the WinFS service can be seen as adding a database layer based on NTFS, which is based on the upcoming "Yukon" version of SQL Server. For WinFS, files are indexed in addition to the familiar attributes, such as file name, size, and date, through metadata such as author name, image size, and so on.

Rumor credibility: 20% Connection Features

Windows 8 appears to be the most impressive version of Windows to date, because it will contain a series of new features designed to optimize the user's network experience, will focus on network browsing, synchronize user data to cloud storage, and protect users from malicious code.

1, IE10

Microsoft's browser market share has continued to slide in spite of the constant makeover over the past 10 years, ie pre-installed on every Windows PC.

At present, Microsoft has released the IE9 browser, attempts to retain IE's market share, but the effect does not seem to be small. Previously, it was rumored that the browser in Windows 8 would be IE10.

Hearsay credibility: 90%

2, immersive Browser

Immersive browser is the most interesting browser we have seen so far, and it is based on a mobile browser in Windows Phone 7.

It is reported that immersive browser will adopt IE's rendering engine, configure a simplified Full screen user interface, reserving more space for the content of the Web page.

Hearsay credibility: 90%

3, SmartScreen download filter

SmartScreen itself is not a new thing, and IE8 has appeared to filter some Web pages containing malicious programs. After the IE9 extended to the file download detection, when we download the file with IE9, will call SmartScreen scan file is safe.

In Windows 8, SmartScreen will become a system-level feature, no longer limited to browsers. In other words, whether the user is using a third-party browser/tool download or copying files from a mobile device, the SmartScreen feature will work in the background.

Hearsay credibility: 90%

4. Cloud Storage

At present, cloud computing has become an integral part of mainstream computing. It is rumored that Microsoft will consolidate cloud storage synchronization with Windows 8. In addition to the Windows Live SkyDrive account, it is rumored that Windows 8 will also support Third-party cloud storage services.

Hearsay credibility: 80%

5, push the notice (push notifications)

Push notification is a mechanism offered by Microsoft to push messages from server to Windows Phone, and it is rumored that Windows 8 will also include this push notification feature, most likely in the tablet version of Windows 8.

Hearsay credibility: 70% user account Features

So far, we've rarely seen news related to the improvement of user account management in Windows 8, but there are two interesting features that come out of the forum.

1. Guest Mode

The Guest account has long been a thorny issue in desktop operating systems. In theory, it's a good idea to have everyone log on to the computer and clear the trail after canceling the login, which avoids privacy and security issues.

The guest mode was included in the Windows 7 Beta, but Microsoft canceled the feature in the Windows 7 final edition, indicating that it was difficult to create a temporary user account in the system. So will Microsoft add this feature to Windows 8? Let's wait and see.

Hearsay credibility: 60%

2. Facial recognition function

Today, facial recognition is no longer a new idea, and it has been put forward a few years ago. It is rumored that the Windows 8 operating system will support the user face tracking recognition and the corresponding login function, that is, once the user sits in front of the computer, the operating system will be based on the detected face information to determine whether to log in.

In addition, based on this technology, in theory for multi-user computers are also effective, different users to sit in front of the computer can also log on to different users.

Hearsay credibility: 50%

3. System Reset

It is rumored that Windows 8 will include the system reset function, compared with System Restore, System reset is to let the system back to the factory settings, and do not have to restore or reload, you can achieve restore or reload effect.

Hearsay credibility: 60%

User interface Adjustment

The Windows 8 user interface is not very different from Windows 7 in terms of the Windows 8 screenshots that have leaked to the network so far, which is likely due to the fact that Windows 8 is still in its early stages of research and development. However, there are two Windows 8 user interface adjustments that are worth mentioning.

1, ribbons elements everywhere

As you can see from earlier releases of Windows 8, the most significant user interface tuning is the Ribbons menu that is ubiquitous in Windows Explorer.

Hearsay credibility: 80%

2, Aero color automatic matching function

The Aero color auto-matching feature will allow Windows 8 to detect the color of wallpaper, and determines the window color and transparency of the taskbar, Start menu, and Task Manager, and the user simply chooses "automatic" in the personalization options.

While this intelligent feature is a small feature, it is tempting for users who want to constantly change their desktop and aero UI styles. The Aero theme changes automatically as the wallpaper changes, and you can also define wallpapers for the lock and login screens,

Hearsay credibility: 70% content Integration

1. Windows Application Store Support

Reliable sources say Microsoft will provide App Store support for Windows 8 to provide users with applications specifically designed for Windows 8.

It is understood that every application in the Windows Store is defined by a series of attributes, including classification, language, features, hairstyle descriptions, system requirements, licenses, and so on. At the same time, developers will be in each download software to add screenshots, to show the user the appearance of the application.

Hearsay credibility: 80%

2. PDF support

After a long period of customer expectation, Microsoft has finally planned to have PDF support built into the Windows operating system, which is implemented through the modern reader application.

Hearsay credibility: 90%

Tablet PC optimization

1. Support Single chip system architecture

There is no doubt that Microsoft wants the Windows platform to be in the tablet. To achieve this, Windows 8 must provide support for the ARM processor.

Microsoft's chief executive, Steve Ballmer, demonstrated in January 2011 the results of Windows 8 running on ARM processors at CES, which means Windows 8 will be able to compete with Android and iOS in ultra-thin, low-power devices.

Hearsay credibility: 90%

2, Touch user interface optimization

From the leaked version of Windows 8, we learned that almost all of the design elements from the login screen, Task Manager to the browser are tightly integrated into the touch control function.

Windows 8 's leaked code indicates that Microsoft has brought the user a touch-friendly login screen. A leaked YouTube video shows that in Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the concept of graphic login, which allows users to draw their own login passwords in a 4x4 array using a graphical password, creating their own unique combinations and logging in with a simple touch method. This approach is similar to the current Android platform concept.

Hearsay credibility: 80%

3. Graphics Login Mode

It is reported that in Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the concept of graphic login, which allows users to draw their own login passwords in a 4x4 array using a graphical password, creating their own unique combinations and logging in with a simple touch method, a method that is similar to the current Android platform concept. Windows 8 is a type of login designed specifically for the touch user interface of Windows 8 and is likely to be applied to the Kiinect feature of Windows 8.

In Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the concept of graphic login, which allows users to draw their own login passwords in a 4x4 array using a graphical password, creating their own unique combinations and logging in with a simple touch method, a method that is similar to the current Android platform concept.

Windows 8 is a type of login designed specifically for the touch user interface of Windows 8 and is likely to be applied to the Kiinect feature of Windows 8.

Hearsay credibility: 90% Other adjustments

1. Improved Windows Task Manager

Windows 8 Task Manager is able to manage running applications, quickly shut down wasted resources, and specifically to optimize mobile devices. It is reported that the Windows 8 Task Manager combines Resource monitor and task Manager to manage the user's operating system well.

At the same time, the Windows 8 task Manager is optimized for tablet users, and the Close button is specifically designed to improve the touch screen.

Hearsay credibility: 90%

2, Hybrid Boot

The Windows 8 operating system will include a new Hybrid boot feature that replaces the shutdown feature in the current system, and when the computer is running a shutdown task, Hybrid Boot takes advantage of advanced hibernation so that the computer's restart speed can be dramatically increased.

In the Windows 8 operating system, the user can discover this feature by entering the "power button" in the Start menu and selecting the "Change current unavailable settings" option.

Hearsay credibility: 80%

3, Genuine Center (genuine centre)

Genuine Center is a product activation mechanism for Windows 8, and Windows will use the Genuine Center Control Panel item to manage software copyrights, including information such as activating the system, activation time, Windows genuine or not, to help identify the legality of the software authorization.

Hearsay credibility: 100%

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