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Do not finish work to go home overtime to continue to do but found forgot to bring a U disk?

The phone took a good picture to upload to the computer but found no data cable?

With Microsoft Cloud, all this is no longer a problem.

Once upon a time, the concept of the cloud is still so high, the recent two years, the rapid development of various clouds has made it more within reach. However, what kind of clouds is not a cloud?

Today is the introduction of a very big cloud-Microsoft cloud. Microsoft's SkyDrive business has a long history of providing 7G of free space for newly registered users, and for older users, it provides 25G of large capacity free space.

With the release of Windows 8 systems, Microsoft is connecting mobile phones, PCs, notebooks, and so on through the cloud. Whether your mobile OS is iOS, Android or Windows Phone, and your computer system is Windows or Mac OS, you can find the version of the SkyDrive application to meet your needs.

At the same time, SkyDrive also has a simple version of Office features, users can be in the web version of the SkyDrive, free use of online version of Word, Excel and other Office software.

If you're using the latest Windows 8, the cloud connection will make you feel like the cloud is everywhere.

Did you finish your work? Office 2013 comes with the ability to save it as a SkyDrive, and you can go home and start the Internet.

Can't find the data cable in the phone? If your mobile phone is installed with SkyDrive applications, upload the photos to the cloud, and you can see the uploaded images immediately in Win8 's own photo application.

The networking feature also links your MSN, social networking sites, cell phone contacts, etc. through your Microsoft account, making it easier for you to share your latest status and communicate and share with them in different ways.

Of course, Win8 's cloud connections are more than that. Your Microsoft account is like a portable personal computer that can appear on any Windows 8 device you use at any time. As long as you log in to your account, you can sync your settings, preferences, and so on on any system that uses Windows 8. WIN8 enables seamless docking between your device and your personal cloud services.

A project starting on a computer can be done on another computer, and the cloud storage of information eliminates the barrier between devices. In other words, your apps, games, music, photos, files, and settings are not stored on a single device, but are stored centrally on the cloud. Just log on to any WINDOWS8 computer and you can access the contents of your computer from almost anywhere.

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