Windows 8 System Setup ClearType Text Tuner method

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The first step, to the registry, in the following, there are several monitors will generally have a number of keys, respectively named DISPLAY1, DISPLAY2, ..., Displayn. What we need to do is to click on each Displayx key and remove all key values (except the key value "default") on the right. The normal ClearType tuning should look like this:

Step two, go to the registry Hkcucontrol Paneldesktop, below, find four key values that begin with FontSmoothing, set to 2,0,1,2 respectively, log off the currently logged-on user, and then log back on to restore the settings, ClearType Adjustments made by the tuner are reset to the system default state.

Ok! From here you can also see that the ClearType of the user interface is per-user related settings. This is reasonable because each user has a different effect on what the screen text likes, and there should be a personalized preference for each user to save.

Hey, you get it!

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