Windows 8 things that are desperately needed to change

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WINDOWS8 since the release of the "Start Menu" and "the emergence of the Metro interface," caused no small controversy. The pointless battle revolves around whether the Start menu button should be canceled or whether the Metro interface is suitable for traditional desktops ...

The Start menu button on the tablet is really optional, because it is equipped with the win key, and on the traditional desktop, users have long been accustomed to the legacy of the Start menu button, but this does not mean that Win8 change is wrong. As early as the beta version, I like this setting, I think this does not cost a lot of learning costs, not even need to learn. After canceling the Start menu button, when you put the mouse in the lower left corner, there will be a larger "Start menu button" in the lower left corner, if you click Down and the original Start menu button has the same nature. It is worth affirming that the new "Hidden Start menu button" is more tactile and can make the user feel that the button is really real .

The problem with the "Metro Interface for traditional desktops" is that I think it's not a Metro interface problem, but a Windows team problem. Comparing Windows and Macs, the Windows team is a group of monkeys with no design talent. In the Metro interface, the Windows team and the Xbox team are becoming more sophisticated. Compared to Windows Phone and the new Xbox design, Windows is an unsightly design.

1. The first is offensive Chinese, using a short and fat Microsoft Ya-hei, and before this, WP design team general designer Mike Kruzeniski interview Chinese style design problems, the final confirmation: line font is WP official Simplified Chinese font, and divided into conventional and add black two forms. This is clearly a localized or poorly cared for Windows design team.

2. Look at the Windows store again. I did not see the shadow of the Metro interface, which is simply a rotten design of the stacked color block. Compared to the Xbox's design, 1th, I have absolutely no idea what's on the right side. Do I slip to the right to know; 2nd, color problems, Windows phone has the Xbox will be selected text, such as "home" and other text by color, either in depth, or with other similar colors , Windows design completely primary and secondary; 3rd, the Metro interface is a highly technical design, I found in the Windows store design of the domestic web design shadow, no scientific and technological sense.

Aside from these details, WINDOWS8 's design needs to be greatly improved. Let's see how Windows8 Metro ie has chosen files for the Metro app, the image below is a picture of the upload, and Windows8 doesn't show the thumbnail at all compared to Windows Phone, if you don't think that's important, And when you choose Music Sync to Windows8 you will be more tangled, face countless albums, you only see the folder icon. If you want to see the album cover must go into the folder to see.

Metro is the only way Microsoft can compete with Apple, and the Windows design team has designed this style so dreadfully. If Windows8 wants to succeed, it needs to change the team, design the Xbox team, Windows Phone design is better than the Windows team.

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