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In Windows 8.1, Microsoft has brought a more convenient way to shut down the machine, basically reproducing the previous shutdown program in the Start menu.

First, let's review one of the Win8 shortcuts in the first place. In Windows 8, press and hold the Windows key +x, the system will be in the lower left corner of the desktop to eject some features of the shortcut portal , including: Programs and features, network connections, Power options, Event Viewer, System, Device Manager, Disk Manager, Computer Management, command prompt, Task Manager, Control Panel, Windows Explorer, search, run, desktop.

In addition to desktop mode, the shortcut key is also available under the Metro interface. Simply put, "Windows key +x" is equivalent to the Start menu for Windows 8, and the only drawback is the lack of shutdown options .

According to the IT house, in Windows 8.1, "Windows key +x" Gorgeous as a traditional Start menu, in the original Windows 8 added "shutdown", where you can choose to sleep, shutdown, restart.

So is shutting down a lot easier?

This fast shutdown method will not be implemented until Windows 8.1, before which we recommend several Windows 8 shutdown tips:

1, through the charms Super bar to shut down Windows 8

In Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the Charms Super bar, hover the mouse in the lower right corner of the taskbar (or you can use the shortcut key Win+c) to bring up the charm bar, click "Settings" to appear shutdown, restart and hibernate options.

2, the Use of Shutdown dialog box

Have you forgotten Alt+f4? This shortcut key combination works in Windows 8 as well. Shutdown, restart, sleep here, in desktop mode using ALT+F4, select the operation to be done.

3. Use the keyboard to turn off the machine

Use the shortcut key "Win+i" to open the Setup interface, press the SPACEBAR again, press two times up the cursor key and then add carriage return to turn off Windows 8.

4. Use command prompt

Open command prompt, shutdown input: shutdown/s, restart input shutdown/r, press ENTER to enter into effect.

5, the classic shortcut key Ctrl+alt+del

This shortcut key is believed that everybody is familiar, Windows 8 uses the shortcut key to open after the interface below, clicks the lower right corner power button may carry on the shutdown, the restart, the sleep operation.

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