Windows Builds Golang development environment

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The go language is the second open source programming language Google released in 2009. The go language is optimized for programming multi-processor system applications, with go-compiled programs that are comparable to C or C + + code, and are more secure and support parallel processes.

Go language official:

Go Google project:

1.Golang installation Package

Windows go Language installation package download address Http://

2.Windows API

The first thing to do in the Go Development Windows app is to encapsulate these windows Api:

3.Goclipse IDE

Goclipse is an Eclipse plugin for adding IDE functionality to the Go programming language in the Eclipse development platform. The features offered include:

Syntax Light display
Create a default structure for a new go project and a new go source file
Run Configuration support
Implementing error Reporting in Eclipse
Content assistance via Gocode (Https://

Goclipse Update Address:

Classic example Hello World.

Package Main

Import "FMT"

func Main () {
Fmt. Println ("Hello World")

Save As Hello.go

Compiling go build hello.go

Run go run hello.go

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