Windows cannot connect to the System Event Notification Service.

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I came to the company early in the morning, and the boot speed was so fast that I suddenly got into the desktop. After a few minutes, I finally got into the desktop, and suddenly jumped out with the prompt: "Windows cannot connect to the System Event Notification Service ". View network connection display: Unable to connect. All network-related programs cannot run (including 360, IE, QQ, etc ..)

Check the cause on the Internet and read a lot of articles. The cause of the problem should be that WinSock2 is damaged. Then enter the netsh winsock reset catalog command in the running process according to the online method. The result shows Nshhttp. the initialization function inithelperdll in cll fails to start. Error code: 10107. As a result, the LSP Repair Tool of 360 security guard is used in another way. However, when 360 is enabled, an error is prompted, and then it is automatically disabled... You want to restart the System Event Notification Service. However, the Service is damaged and cannot be restarted. All functions of this Service are invalid.

The method I found out below is very fast:

Restart the computer, press F8 to enter safe mode (the first time we use Win7 safe mode, we find that the startup speed is really fast), and then enable 360 security guard in safe mode, at this time, no problem will be prompted, and then click advanced tools> LSP repair tools> restore WinSock LSP to the initial state. Then, run the following command: netsh winsock reset catalog. This prompt indicates that the system is successfully repaired and needs to be restarted. restart the system again...

Later, I found that the tool 360 used to fix WinSockLSP is actually two registry files. If someone does not install 360, click here to download and import the Registry (import in secure mode ).


Since several people have asked me this question, I would like to add that in security mode, you do not need to reset 360 first. You can try to input cmd in the running mode, enter the netsh winsock reset catalog command at the command prompt. If the WinSock directory is successfully reset, simply restart the computer. If the command is invalid, use 360 again.

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