Windows cannot start Oracleoradb10g_home1tnslistener repair, 1 error 067

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Oracle Service failed to start and it was reported that Windows could not start Oracleoradb10g_home1tnslistener repair, error 1067: This process terminated unexpectedly.

On the internet for a long time also did not fix. What do you mean? The environment variable configuration is not set, inadvertently click the operation

Configure and configure the net configuration Assistant in the configuration and migration tools to perform the listener configuration. Deletes the configuration. And then configure it again.

Remember to delete the configuration first, and then configure it again. Instead of creating a new configuration.

This problem bothers me for a long time, plsql can connect the remote database. The cmd command is able to connect to the local database. Plsql cannot connect to the local database. The above is my solution to the method. Hope to be of help to everyone.

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Gaze: The first picture is my connection to the remote database

The second picture is my local database service

The third picture is my listener configuration.

Finally conquered!

Very happy! Hope to have the same problem can learn from the next!

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Windows cannot start Oracleoradb10g_home1tnslistener repair, 1 error 067

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