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Iis+php disadvantage: Because the original Windows price is expensive, Windows 2003 Chinese Enterprise Edition general Price is 19000-30000.

In fact, the configuration above Win7 is similar to the configuration on Windows 2003, except that the installation and interface of IIS on the Win7 is changed.

MySQL v5.1.60 for win download

PHP v5.3 for Windows downloads

2, install IIS7.5: Turn on the Control Panel-> program-> turn on or off Windows features, open the following dialog box, expand Internet Information Services, and then expand the World Wide Web service, select the "Security" and "common HTTP Features" default options, " Application Development feature "Click the following figure to select it, and then click OK, the system will automatically install IIS from the CD, installed IIS can be glazed support ASP features."


3, configure the PHP environment: the PHP compression package into the d:\php directory below, and then find Php.ini-dist, renamed him php.ini, modify the inside of the extended directory

Strengthen stack

Extension_dir = "D:\php\ext\"

Then remove the semicolon in front of the Extension=php_mysql.dll, save and copy the php.ini to the system Windows directory.

Then turn on my Computer (right)-> management-> Service and application->internet Information Services (IIS) Manager


Open the ISAPI and CGI restrictions, and then add the execution files for the PHP ISAPI


Added after the following figure shows


Then open the ISAPI filter and add PHP's ISAPI execution file


Added after the following figure shows


Add default Document



After you add the list below



4, install/configure MySQL: Download the MySQL file directly installed, and then copy the PHP directory below the Libmysql.dll to the system under Windows System32 directory.

5, restart IIS, just the configuration has been effective, configuration is completed.

BTW: About Win7 The following apache+php+mysql configuration is the same as the configuration below Windows 2003, please click here for friends who want to know.

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