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Windows Command Line find and replace-made easy with fart.exe here is a great little application that does a find and replace on a particle file, file type or file contents, then replaces it with a string of your choice. it can look in sub directories as well.
The small app is called fart, yes that's right fart-find and replace text!

Usage: fart [Options] [--][,...] [Find_string] [replace_string]

  • -H,-help show this help message (ignores other options)
  • -Q,-Quiet suppress output to stdio/stderr
  • -V,-verbose show more information
  • -R,-recursive process Sub-folders recursively
  • -C,-count only show filenames, match counts and totals
  • -I,-ignore-case insensitive text comparison
  • -V,-invert print lines not containing the find string
  • -N,-line-Number Print line number before each line (1-based)
  • -W,-word match Whole word (uses C syntax, like grep)
  • -F,-filename find (and replace) filename instead of contents
  • -B,-binary also search (and replace) in binary files (caution)
  • -C,-C-style allow C-style extended characters (\ xFF \ t \ n \ r \ etc .)
  • -CVS skip CVS dirs; execute "CVS edit" before changing files
  • -SVN skip SVN dirs
  • -Remove remove all occurences of the find_string
  • -A,-adapt the case of replace_string to found string
  • -B,-Backup make a backup of each changed File
  • -P,-preview do not change the files but print the changes

Example 1(Replace text, preview only)

Fart-c-r-I-p *. txt original_text new_text

This will look for all. txt files in a sub directory, locateOriginal_textString within the. txt file and change itNew_text. The-P switch means it won't actually change anything because this is a preview, showing you how to adjust strings it found within each. txt file.

Example 2(Replace text)

Fart-c-r-I *. txt original_text new_text

Same as above should t it will do the actual replacement.

Example 3(Remove text)

Fart-r-I -- remove *. txt "remove this text"

Rather than replacing one term for another this will remove the specified term.

Note: use quotes around text if it contains spaces, tabs, etc.

Download fart from SourceForge.

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