Windows connect 64-bit Oracle 11g

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It would be a hassle to go straight to step b.


Because this is the blog I wrote after I installed it, so the first step is to uninstall Odtwithodac1120320_32bit




4. To complete, close the window.



VS2010 vs2013 vs2015 cannot connect to Oracle 11g 64bit

An attempt to load an Oracle client library raises badimageformatexception ...


1. Download the link and put the Thunder inside


2. After decompression, install.

This one does not set the path after installation, after the installation is complete, the program will automatically add path, will be in the first and second place.

The following is for reference, no special mark, click Next. Middle error seriously look at the reason, Baidu. If it is only learning, neglect should be no big deal.

Next wait

+++++++++++vs Connection oracle++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++






About app\shuai\product\11.2.0\client_1\network\admin The Ora file of the following sample folder

Ora 1031 Error

Open the F:\app\Shuai\product\11.2.0\client_1\Network\Admin folder

You can see that there is a sample folder, copy Sqlnet.ora to the admin folder, restart Vs,windows Integrated authentication can use SYSDBA permissions

Another file Tnsnames.ora is the client connection to the Oracle database configuration file

Also copy it to refer to the above tips to configure

F:\app\Shuai\product\11.2.0\client_1\Network\Admin, below is my.

=  (DESCRIPTION = (    address_list = (      ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = localhost) (PORT = 1521))    ( Connect_data =      (SID = ORCL)      (SERVER = dedicated)    )  

Note: The first line of MYORCL is equivalent to a large string of abbreviations, can be customized, such as MYORCL.

The effect is to connect Oracle with the Sqlplus tool that comes with the client , noting that the client 's Sqlplus (in English) and the sqlplus that came with it when installing Oracle are not the same.

Relies on two sets of configuration files.



1. Open cmd input

Sqlplus [email protected]

2. Open vs can be directly selected


Finally in the code to add references according to the personal program, according to the actual situation to add the version corresponding to the reference

namespaces specified by using XXX in code

Here is the Aspx.cs code

1 usingSystem;2 usingOracle.DataAccess.Client;3 namespaceWebApplication14 {5      Public Partial classWebForm1:System.Web.UI.Page6     {7         protectedvoid Page_Load (Objectsender, EventArgs e)8         {9OracleConnection conn =NewOracleConnection ("DATA SOURCE=MYORCL; Password=tiger; PERSIST SECURITY info=true; USER Id=scott");Ten             Try One             { A Conn. Open (); -Response.Write ("Connect Oracle Success! "); -             } the             Catch(Exception Err) -             { -Response.Write ("failed to connect to Oracle! "); -             } +             finally -             { + Conn. Close (); A             }   at  -         } -     } -}

-------------What time----------------------------------

1. The Oracle website does not have to log on to download the relevant software Oracle, check the accept after the download of the file right-click on the use of Thunder download can be.

2.B Step installation of the client is independent of your computer before the installation of Oracle, they each with a set of connection tools.

Now that you open the CMD input sqlplus will find that it becomes English, because the client's path is configured to the first one of the paths when the software is installed.

So CMD will look under the client to find Sqlplus.exe and not look for other Sqlplus.exe

You can also use it, but write the Oracle database that you want to connect to.

Sqlplus Scott/[email protected]

Another way is to move the Dbhome path to the first bit,

Under CMD, Sqlplus is the sqlplus under Dbhome1.

There is directly to find the Oracle11ghome under the Sqlplus directly run.

Windows connect 64-bit Oracle 11g

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