Windows environment Xampp+phpwind Environment construction

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1. Background information

Phpwind is a forum program, to build this environment is mainly to build jmeter and other performance testing tools, this part of the content I will be updated to the blog

Run Phpwind, need php,appach,mysql environment, and XAMPP for we inherit this environment, after installing the XAMPP, build phpwind will become unusually easy, say not much, directly into the body

2. Environmental Construction Steps 2.1 XAMPP Installation

Install XAMPP is easy, directly download one-click installation, here is to say is installed after the Appache can not start the problem: The reason is to use XAMPP boot Appache server will occupy 80 and 443 ports, but if the computer installed a virtual machine, the default consumption of 443 port, Here you need to modify the port of the virtual machine as follows.


2.2 Creating a Database

Run Phpwind need to use to Appache and MySQL, start up, after, point to MySQL after the admin button, into the database setup interface, new database Phpwind

Check the user table in the MySQL library, and see the remote login root is not set password, remember this user, later useful

2.3 Installing Phpwind

After extracting the Phpwind, rename the upload directory to Phpwind, and put it in the Htdocs directory under the XAMPP installation directory and restart the Appache service.

Enter Localhost/phpwind in the browser to enter the installation interface


Installation Successful

Windows environment Xampp+phpwind Environment construction

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