Windows installation hack jira-5.0-jira-5.2.1 Step (plot)

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Today, from the Internet to find some information, installed Jira, crack, Han, change the port, for their own study of the use! First of all, the latest version from the Jira official website [Atlassian-jira-5.2.9-x32.exe], the old version can be downloaded on the official website, I have downloaded [atlassian-jira-5.0-x32.exe],[atlassian-jira-5.0.1-x32.exe],[atlassian-jira-5.2.1-x32.exe] These old versions of the following in the crack can pass, but the latest 5.2.9 seemingly not, anyway I did not succeed! There are 5.2.1 need to prepare their own MySQL driver package, 5.0,5.0.1 do not prepare themselves!

  Download the latest Http://

  Download old version

  Change port

C:\Program Files\atlassian\jira\conf\server.xml Find this file, change the 8080 to the port you need

  Copy MySQL driver to (MySQL driver is required for jira-5.2.0 version)

C:\Program files\atlassian\jira\atlassian-jira\web-inf\lib Drive Download own Baidu down bar

JIRA is currently a popular Java-based management system, because Atlassian company for many open source projects to implement free defect tracking service, so in the open source domain, its awareness is much higher than other products, and ease of use is also better. At the same time, open source is another feature, when users buy their software, but also the source code is also purchased, convenient to do two times development.

The Jira features a comprehensive, user-friendly interface, simple installation, flexible configuration, privilege management, and scalability.

Here is my Jira 5 version of the cracking process and crack patch, Chinese, hope to help you.

  Installation steps:

Install MySQL (), create an empty database, install jira5.0.2, configure database links for MySQL, crack Jira, Jira, enable. (Cracked Chinese package)

Install MySQL and create a database

Install MySQL does not describe, the full default is possible.

  To create a database:

Log in and run the script, don't tell me you don't know the password, install the root password but you take it yourself:

Drop database jiradb;

Create database jiradb character set UTF8;

Grant all on jiradb.* to ' jira ' @ ' localhost ' identified by ' Jira ';

Flush privileges;



You may ask why I find more here than online: drop database jiradb;

Well, the reason is I need to make sure you haven't built a database jiradb

I have been installing jira myself repeatedly, so the previous jiradb is not empty and needs to be recreated every time.

Install Atlassian-jira-5.0.2-x32.exe, this actually does not have what to say, the default installation is OK.

  Crack steps:

This is the most important step, before I was stuck here, tossing for a long time.

After the installation is complete, start the service:

The IE interface appears, where you configure the MySQL database link:

Refer to the previous MySQL creation script, password is Jira, first test the link, after passing, click Next, the following interface appears:

Stop the Jira service without closing the previous IE window:

Start-All Programs-jira-stopjira service[8080]

  Crack steps:

  Overwrite one:


File overwrite to Jira installation directory


  Cover two:

Open the Jira installation directory Atlassian-jira\web-inf\lib\atlassian-extras-2.2.2.jar file with the WinRAR compression tool and locate the Atlassian-extras-2.2.2.jar\ Com\atlassian\extras\decoder\v2 directory,

And then put the cracked patch in the

Atlassian-jira\web-inf\classes\com\atlassian\extras\decoder\v2\ Version2licensedecoder.class Drag the file to this window, overwriting the same name in the original RAR archive package.

When you click OK, the size of the file changes to 3484:

To start the Jira service:

Start-All Programs-jira-startjira service[8080]

Before always stuck here, because see still need license, after w Big Xian pointing, Fang know, actually has changed, here the license can directly fill in the license of clear text. So fill in:




Jira. Licenseedition=enterprise

[Email protected]


Jira. Licensetypename=commercial




Jira. Numberofusers=-1





The following screen will theoretically appear after clicking Next:


In fact, due to many problems such as RP, may be error, what to do, reopen the page, re-fill license, re-click Next:

Start-All Programs-jira-accessjira

To the last page:

Finally the hack is done.

Administrator log in to create a project:

Can not find this interface? Click on the top right corner of the administrator, enter the password to find, should be able to find:

It's completely done.

How to refresh the page without effect?? Tangled for a long time, also thought that the Chinese did not succeed, then disorderly point a bit, only to find that only in the system settings, change the language for Chinese can! My test URL is http://localhost:8088/secure/admin/. Viewapplicationproperties.jspa page, and if the installation of the Chinese version of the plugin, the waiting icon has been turning ah, then, do not wait, the Jira unloading the load of the first time, remember to completely delete C:\Program files\ All the content under Atlassian, and empty all the data in the MySQL database!

Windows installation hack jira-5.0-jira-5.2.1 Step (plot)

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