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Let everyone know how the LAN is how to share printers. hehe.

First of all, we say that to achieve the necessary requirements for LAN Printer sharing:

Need two or more computers of the local area network, printer one (stylus printer, inkjet printer, laser printer, etc.) then select one of the local area network computer, connect the printer, we call it the printer server, the rest of the computer is a shared printer server printer, We call it the printer client. The short name, server, and client.

How to set up a local network, I do not have to say that ah, there are printers how to install ink cartridges and so here do not do a detailed introduction. OK, let's begin the formal question.

The tutorial has two computers, with Tp-link broadband routers connected to the local area network, a Epson EPSON ME1 inkjet Printer for example. All two computers are WinXP systems, and other 98/me/2000 systems are similar to the XP approach.

Put the ink cartridge printer connected to the computer with a USB connection, in the good power supply, when we turn on the printer power switch, the system will be prompted to find new hardware, please see the Picture:

I click on the small scissors in the picture, the installation dialog box will appear, please see the Picture:

Here we choose to cancel, because the general printer drive CD will automatically play the disc, if not then we can also go into the CD point setup.exe for installation, OK, put the CD, will automatically play, please see the picture

Then click Install, please see picture

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