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Recently, I saw a tool that could hide the displayed form and other functions. I can use C #2.0 to write a similar function.ProgramThe name is Windows Manager. It may take me more than one day, because most of the implementation processes are implemented using APIs.

First, let's introduce the functions of windowsmanager. The window of windowsmanager is as follows:

Main functions include:

Display all visible forms. You can hide the selected forms and restore them.

PIN to top \ cancel the selected form

You can set the global shortcut key and use the global mouse to set it. Click the shortcut key or mouse to hide the selected form. (The setting cannot be set yet)

Currently, only these functions are available, but if you have time, I will add other functions. Because these are very monotonous at present .....

Main problems involved:

How to obtain all forms

How to hide a form

How to set the top of a form

How to set global hotkeys

How to set global mouse

How to hide the window title and move the form by moving the form.

How to create an irregular form.

How to close a window.

How to set the system menu.

The above problems will be added to my blogs. I will not write it today.

If you are interested, you can download the EXE file and run the function: Click to download

Because it is developed using NET 2.0, the environment of Net Framework 2.0 is required to run the program.


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