Windows PHP Installation path configuration error caused Apache can not start how to solve?

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This article mainly introduces the Windows under the PHP installation path configuration error caused Apache can not start the solution, this article can be said to be a quote-triggered tragedy, the need for friends can refer to the

LoadModule php5_module "C (d):/program files/php5/php5apache2_2.dll" PHP installation path caused by Apache cannot start error

Today, when installing a Web service for a colleague's PC, I put all the program files in the installer directory under the requirements of my colleague, so I installed Apache under C:Program files, and PHP was also installed under C:Program files. After installing MySQL, configure the Apache and PHP configuration files, the problem was found in Apache can not start the normal.

For this reason I also unloaded load 1 times apache+php+mysql this environment, but the problem is not accompanied by the focus of the end-the error remains. Depressed ah depressed, think of the previous installed in other places are normal, why did you put it here?

So I set up a new catalogue under D disk, and removed all three sets of systems in front, and then installed them again under D disk. Ann General configuration completed, restart, the normal start.

See that Apache red feather on the green Arrow, I am more depressed, why in the D-plate, in the C disk is not?

Confused for a while and then calmed down to analyze and guess for a while, the estimate problem should be out of the code in Apache to load the running PHP:

The code is as follows:

LoadModule Php5_module C:/programe Files/php/php5apache2.dll

Phpinidir "C:/programe files/php"

Conclusion: Apache will take the content behind the space as a parameter to execute, so C or d:/programe files .... Such a path is clearly not a pass under Apache.

Above in the Windows environment after more than 20 minutes of tossing and drawing is a personal experience, here and share with you, lest everyone make the same mistake as mine

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