Windows uses SSH secure file transfer to upload files to a Linux server

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SSH secure Shell client is the SSH command-line control terminal, and you should transfer the file using the SSH secure file Transfer client.
Just talk about how he uses it, and you'll find other articles about SSH configuration.
First, login method
You can log in directly by clicking on the new File Transfer Window in the toolbar (or menu) in the login SSH Secure Shell client. You can also run SSH Secure File Transfer Client separately.
Login is very simple, fill in the host name (your server address or domain name), user name (your server user name, note that you ssh to use the root user has permission to log in, or use other users to log on), port (you SSH login port, the default is 23).
Second, transfer files
General default SSH Secure file Transfer Client interface to the left of your local disk information, the right of the server after the login disk information, determine the file to be uploaded to the server, using the drag method, you can also use the mouse 650) this.width=650; "class=" Selectsearch-hide "id=" Selectsearch-icon "alt=" search "src=" Select-search.png "/> Right jian upload upload. Download files from the server to local, you can also use the drag-and-drop method, or the right mouse button download download.
Three, precautions
upload and download, you need to pay attention to what method to upload the download, binary or ASCII or automatic, sometimes we need to specify, or upload the file will be a problem.
Four, other
SSH Secure File Transfer client software should not have the optional character set UTF8 and so on, in some Linux Chinese will appear garbled, you can use FileZilla sftp, because FileZilla can choose character Set , there will be no garbled. You can also use other tools to participate in your server configuration. WINSCP, for example, is particularly useful when changing files, and is a good alternative to the VI editor. SECURECRT command line control terminal can choose character set and so on. Each tool has different advantages and disadvantages, combined with the maintenance of the server when you do nothing.

Windows uses SSH secure file transfer to upload files to a Linux server

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