Windows view Port de-Port occupied

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Start-run--cmd Enter the command prompt input Netstat-ano to see all the connected PID after the PID in the task Manager to find the corresponding program if the Task Manager does not have the PID , you can choose "View"-"Select column in Task Manager" "

Often, we start the application when the system needs to find the port is occupied by other programs, how to know who owns the port we need, a lot of people are more headache, the following is a very simple method, we hope to be useful

If we need to determine who's taking up our 9050 port,

1. Windows platform
Execute under Windows command-line window:
1. View all port usage


Protocol local address external address state PID

TCP established 3068
TCP established 1456
TCP established 4732
TCP established 4732
TCP established 4732
TCP established 4732

2. View the usage of the specified port
c:\>netstat-aon|findstr "9050"

Protocol local address external address state PID


P: See, Port is occupied by process number 2016 process, continue to execute the following command: (You can also go to the task Manager to see the PID corresponding process)

3. View the PID corresponding process
c:\>tasklist|findstr "

Image name PID session name Session # Memory usage
========================= ======== ================
Tor.exe Console 0 16,064 K

P: Well, it's clear that Tor is taking up your port.

4. End the process

c:\>taskkill/f/t/im tor.exe

Windows view Port de-Port occupied

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