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Of course, the use of VPN is much more than this, such as game agent and so on. Here's a detailed tutorial on erecting a VPN under windows. Hope to be helpful to the friend you need.

The first is preparation: Windows has its own firewall (Windows Firewall/internet Connection Sharing (ICS)) to stop (or allow 1723 ports to pass); Remote Registry Service (remotely Registry) and open, the Server service (server) must be turned on, and the Router routing service (Routing and Remote Access) must be turned on. If the server uses the LAN address, configure the port (1723) mapping on the export router.

Configuration process:

1. Start system service

The Remote Registry Service (Registry) and the Server service (server) are automatically started by default, and only the router routing service (Routing and remote Access) is disabled by default, and the appropriate services are started below.

Right-click on the desktop "My Computer" → "management", the following figure:

After you go to Computer Management, the services and applications-> to the left of the point, as shown in the following illustration:

On the right side of the list of services, locate "Routing and Remote Access," Right-click "Properties," as shown in the following illustration:

Right-click the properties for the selected service, as shown in the following illustration:

Change the service startup type to Automatic, as shown in the following illustration:

Right-click on "Routing and Remote Access", click "Start," as shown in the following figure:

The system service Setup completes, does not necessarily follow this step to enter the system service completely, but also has many methods. Finally, as long as the server to start up on it.

2, the VPN service related configuration

Right-click My Network Places → properties on the desktop to go to Internet connections, as shown in the following illustration:

You'll find an "incoming connection" more than usual, right-click on "Properties," as shown in the following figure:

On the General tab of incoming connection properties, select the check box in front of the allow others to set up a tunnel operation to my computer's private link (W) over the Internet or another network, as shown in the figure:

Click the "User" tab above and click "New (N) ..." below to create a username and password and select the existing username and password, as shown in

To the Network tab, click Install (I) → "Protocol" Select the one that contains the IPX protocol, click OK, as shown in the following figure:

Wait a minute, the agreement will be installed.

If the VPN server is on a network that does not have automatic IP address (DHCP) enabled, you need to configure the IP range of incoming connections, double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and select Specify TCP/IP addresses in the pop-up window. and fill in the same network with the VPN server free address, recommended as a number.

3, the client (access side) related configuration

Use the Windows XP operating system as an example to describe a client that configures a VPN

Open Network Connections, click Create a new connection under Network Tasks on the left, as shown in the following illustration:

Click Next in the New Connection wizard that opens, as shown in the following illustration:

"Network Connection Type" Select "Connect to my Workplace network", click "Next", as shown below

Select "Virtual Private network Connection" and click "Next", as shown below:

Fill in your "company name", casually write, you can leave blank do not write (blank: virtual Private network), click "Next"

Fill in the IP address or domain name of the VPN server, click "Next"

In the completed page that appears, click "Finish", as shown below

will automatically enter the "Connection" page, enter "username" and "password", click "Connect", as shown in the picture:

The following figure is the connection process

After successful connection, the lower right corner will generally have a more than one connection icon, if not available in the network connection to set the display, the general default will show.

Double-click the connection icon to view its status

When you disconnect this connection, it appears in Network Connections, as shown in the following illustration, and you can connect by double-clicking it.

This general situation, on the page what to use, special circumstances, such as playing games, using Unicom line to play Telecom server, the general situation will be very card, it is said that some can go back to the foreign telecom, can find a telecom line friends, give you a VPN will not be very card.

This completes the entire VPN server erection. If the connection does not connect to the Internet, turn on the virtual network connection (that is, the VPN connection) Properties-> Network->internet Protocol Properties-> Advanced-> The usual check out of the default gateway on the remote network.

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