Windows XP boot piracy prompt, how do you verify genuine software, solve the computer black screen Problem

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Don't be intimidated by so many files. Some of them are useless!

Has your pirated XP been verified by Microsoft? Is there a piracy prompt after the WGA genuine verification patch kb905474 is installed? You know, if your XP passes genuine verification, you will be entitled to update to IE7, wmp11, and other genuine value-added services! Even if you have installed the WGA genuine verification Patch, you will not be prompted about the pirated version, because you are already a genuine version! Verify your XP to a genuine version.

Necessary downloadHttp://

1. In the connected network status, click "verify if XP is genuine" to permit and install the plug-in. Wait for a while! If "Thank you for using the Windows Edition Value-Added program" appears. Now you can access genuine Windows user resources ." It is genuine, otherwise it is pirated! If not at ease, go to the official website to verify:

2. If the verification is pirated, Run "xp_vlk serial number changer. vbs", and then click "verify if XP is genuine" again. After verification, you will be able to install other genuine services such as IE7! You cannot run "xp_vlk serial number changer. vbs" again and change the default serial number to the lowest.★Other serial numbers provided at, until the verification is successful!

3. If you want to install IE7 please continue, download Chinese official IE7, address: sky download (FAST)
Download (a little slow)

4. Run ie7-windowsxp-x86-chs.exe directly on the Internet when you install ie7 and uninstall IE6. Verify the installation process. You can verify it with confidence because you are already a genuine version!

5. After installation, why can't I see the "menu bar"? The original "IE7" menu bar "is not displayed by default. In the IE7 window, click" Tools "and check the" menu bar ", the "menu bar" is displayed, but the default "menu bar" is under the "Address Bar" and cannot be changed normally. It is awkward for friends who are used to IE6! Decompress ie7's menu bar to stick to .rar. There are detailed modification methods in it!

6. How to enable "Link" to open in a new tab in the same window: Use the intermediate scroll wheel key or Ctrl + Left click link

[Question] I did not pay attention to installing Microsoft's latest WGA genuine verification patch kb905474. There is always a blue pentagram in the bottom right corner of the screen. What should I do?
As shown above, if you change the serial number and verify it to a genuine version, the piracy prompt will naturally disappear! You can also decompress "Installer. Bat" in the killwga-kb905474.rar operation, restart the system, or remove the piracy prompt!

[Question] After half a day, I cannot verify it as a genuine version. How can I install IE7?
Cannot be verified as a genuine version. Similarly, IE7 is installed: Decompress the tool to crack ie7.rar.pdf, and run the tool to crack ie7verify.exe ". You just need to install IE7 on the disconnected network! Remember to disconnect the network to install it!

[Question] I don't know if it's vol xp. Can't I verify it as a genuine version?
Some lite versions of XP have simplified VBScript, leading to update failure. download microsoft genuine verification and install the offline package or use the wooden ant XP genuine verification patch.

[Question] What new functions does IE7 provide?
IE7 supports popular multi-card browsing in a single window. It not only enhances security features, but also supports a single click to clear all internet records and RSS subscriptions and other new features. I tested it a little faster than the previous IE6 webpage! Note: To install IE7, first ensure that you are an SP2 system.

[Question] Why cannot I perform the verification?
For the first verification, you are required to install ActiveX controls. Please download and install ActiveX controls with permission! It is possible that the active control is disabled in your browser! Please open Displaylang = ZH-CN: 'start diagnosis '! It takes some time! Finally, complete the verification as prompted!

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★The following is the Windows xp pro SP2 vlk Microsoft authorized genuine serial number, the author 2007.4.17 test passed!

Usage: click "xp_vlk serial number changer. vbs" and "verify if XP is genuine. HTA!

If the default serial number cannot be verified as the genuine version, replace the following serial number for the compensation:








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