Windows XP SP2 online update Cracking Method

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For XP vlk versions, you can use the XP serial number changer to replace the serial number with: DG8FV-B9TKY-FRT9J-6CRCC-XPQ4G, you can pass Microsoft verification! However, other versions and versions activated by the number cannot pass verification.
But you can pass the plug-in check
The following methods are for IE kernel and Firefox
Method 1: (IE)
1. On windowsupdate, all the way to next, the final verification fails.
2. ie-> Tools-> Management add-on-> Add-ons used by Internet Explorer
Windows Genuine Advantage-> disable
3. Restart IE and run windowsupdate. The verification is successful.

Method 2: (Firefox)
Download and install the greasemonkey add-on and related JavaScript, place the Javascript file on the desktop, drag it to the Firefox window, select install user script, and press the default option OK.

Verified on the windowsupdate website

The 2nd methods mentioned above:

When you log on to the Windows Update Website, fill in void (window. g_sdisablewgacheck = 'all'), press enter to confirm, and then click "quick" and "Custom! OK, so that you can easily pass Microsoft genuine verification!

The criteria are:
Void (window. g_sdisablewgacheck = 'all ')
I passed the test by myself + friends + netizens! Suitable for any version of XP!

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