Windows XP system changes IP address prompts to reboot how to resolve

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Windows XP system changes IP address prompts need to reboot how to solve? we often encounter the need to modify the IP address when we use the Windows XP system computer. So, what do you do when you have a good IP address that you need to restart? Now, the small weave for everyone to share under the Windows XP system changes the IP address prompts the solution that requires a reboot problem.

Specifically as follows:

1, note that the "DHCP Client" service is not automatic status.

2. Manage network configuration by registering and changing the IP address and DNS name.

Executable file path:

C:windowssystem32svchost.exe-k Netsvcs


This service is required by anyone using dsl/cable, ICS, and IPSec to specify dynamic IP.

Startup method:

1, right click on "My Computer" select "Management", in the service and application select the service, and then in the right window to find and double-click the "DHCP Clien", the start type to Automatic, and finally restart the computer or click on the top left of the start command.

2, in the "Start/Run" input msconfig, open the System Configuration Utility dialog box, and then click on the above "Services" tab, find and check the "DHCP Client", click "OK" save to restart the system.

3. Execute the order as follows:

C:windowssystem32svchost.exe-k Netsvcs


AFD network support environment, NetBT, SYMTDI, TCP/IP Protocol Driver, and NetBios over TCP/IP services.

The above is a small series for you to introduce the Windows XP system changes the IP address prompted the need to restart the problem of the solution. Encounter the same problem users, may wish to try to use the above method to see! This article is shared by the system city, hoping that the above method will help you.

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