Windows XP systems move and copy files and folders in a variety of ways and procedures

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Move is to move a selected file or folder to a specified location, while replication refers to creating a copy of the selected file or folder. The following system's small series describes how to move and copy files or folders.

1. Using the task pane

Step 1: In the Windows XP system, open the disk window where the file or folder is placed, select the files or folders that you want to move or copy, and then click the move selected items or copy selected items link in the File and Folder Tasks task pane (see Figure 1) to open the move Item or Copy Project dialog box.

Step 2: Select the destination disk and folder in the list box in the move Items or Copy Items dialog box, and click the Move or Copy button to move or copy the selected file or folder to the destination folder. Figure 2 shows the actions for moving files and folders.

2. Use menu commands

Step 1: Select the files or folders that you want to move or copy, and then select the Edit > Cut (or Copy) menu (see Figure 3), or press "Ctrl+x" (or "CTRL + C") to combine the keys.

Step 2: Open the folder window that you want to move or copy to, and then select the Edit > Paste menu (see Figure 4), or press the "CTRL + V" key combination to move or copy the selected file or folder to the current folder.

3. Use mouse to drag

Step 1: Click the folder button in the toolbar to display a list of folders in the left pane, as shown in Figure 5.

Step 2: In the right pane, select the folders and files that you want to move or copy, and then drag them to the destination folder on the left pane, as shown in Figure 6.

Step 3: Release the left mouse button, and the selection is moved or copied to the destination folder. Where the selection is on the same disk as the destination folder (for example, e-disk), the drag operation is moved or the drag operation is copied.

Small knowledge: If you want to use drag to copy files on the same disk, hold down the CTRL key while the drag operation is performed, and the cursor will appear as an arrow with a "+" sign.

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