WINDOWS10 compatibility Telemetry (CompatTelRunner.exe) occupies the hard drive 100%

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Believe that a lot of people like me always be Compatibility Telemetry (CompatTelRunner.exe) occupy hard disk 100%, compatibility Telemetry translation is "Microsoft Compatibility Testing" means, Looking for a half day finally found a way to kill this compatibility detection.

    1. Disabling services

      Control Panel – Management tools-Services-manual (or disable, I was manual, afraid of the need later, if manual cannot resolve can only select disabled)
      Connected User Experiences and Telemetry
      Diagnostic Policy Service
      Diagnostic Service Host

    2. Stop a task schedule


      Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Task Scheduler-Task Scheduler library-microsoft-windows-application experience-microsoft Compatibility Appraiser right-click Disable

WINDOWS10 compatibility Telemetry (CompatTelRunner.exe) occupies the hard drive 100%

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