Windows7 after adding an SSD hard drive and rebooting the card is starting

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Landlord office computer, originally only configured a piece of mechanical hard disk, with always very uncomfortable, so persuaded the leader to add a block SSD SSD.

The operation is as follows:

1, the PE under the partition format of the new solid-state drive, the original mechanical hard disk of the C-disk ghost backup and restore to a new solid-state drive;

2. Remove the original C drive letter (drive letter: C, D, E, F) and cancel the active state;

3. Partition the new SSD into C drive and set it as the active partition;

4, power off the computer, seconds into the desktop, the correct access to the SSD C-disk system.

So here's the question:

In the shutdown state, power on, seconds into the desktop, but in the boot state, click "Restart" after restarting the computer, the "Starting Windows" interface will be stuck for a minute or so before entering the desktop


Right click on the desktop "My Computer", click on "Management", go to the "Disk Management" interface, the original C-disk of the mechanical hard drive to delete the volume, so that the status of "Unassigned", after completion of the hot restart, system seconds into, success.

Windows7 after adding an SSD hard drive and rebooting the card is starting

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