Windows7 general shortcut keys and slimming optimization strategy

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The Windows 7 system is being recognized by more individuals and business users, and is constantly exploring his capabilities among enthusiasts who test applications. Because the system is newer, some of the features and optimization settings are not yet found by the vast number of users, I am a preliminary user of Windows 7, summed up some commonly used shortcut key combinations and slimming methods to help you faster and better use of Windows 7.

Here summarized the most commonly used six kinds of shortcut key combinations, the custom shortcut key operation will let your application smoother and convenient. These shortcuts are tested under Win7 and can be used normally. This is the master most commonly used the first shortcut key combination. This shortcut key combination can minimize all windows on the desktop, whether it's a chat window or a game window ... Just press this key again, all the windows are back, and the activation is the window you used before you minimized it! No longer to move the mouse point "start → search → files and folders", in any state, as long as a press win+f will pop up the search window. In our article, you will often see this operation prompt: "Click ' start → run ', open ' Run ' dialog ...". In fact, there is a simpler way, is to press win+r!

4.alt+tab: If you open too many windows, this key combination is very useful, it can be in a window to display the name of all the currently open window and icon, select the window you want to open, loosen the key combination on it. The Alt+tab+shift key can reverse display the currently open window. When you need to open Explorer to find a file, this shortcut will make you feel very convenient, no longer have to spare a hand to touch the mouse!

Next, introduce the system of simple slimming optimization, first open the Administrator user to delete other users.

1. "Run as Administrator, all programs → attachments → command Prompt", right-click to select "Run as Administrator",

When you enter the command prompt, manually enter "Powercfg-h off" what is this, and Jupiter will know ...

2. Turn off System Protection

Computer right-key properties-Advanced management settings-system protection

3. Transfer virtual Memory

Computer right-key properties-Advanced management Settings-advanced-performance-settings-advanced-change

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