Windows7 How to quickly find files by who occupy "technology small pick"

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Windows7 How do I delete a file that is being occupied?

Windows7 how to know a file is occupied by who?

How do I find out if a registry key is being taken by someone who doesn't want me to change?

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When you delete a file or folder, especially the temp temporary folder, you may experience the following error message "The file is in use" or "the operation could not be completed because the file was opened in XXX."

(Please note: XXX stands for its open program.) )

To successfully delete these files, first find out which processes have called them, and then close the related applications. The Windows 7 file in use dialog has been improved compared to the previous operating system, and it usually lists what programs are in the calling file (as shown in the red box).

However, many times, the system is unable to list all the programs that call the file, so the file can not be deleted successfully. At this point, Windows 7 "Resource Monitor"--a small, but useful tool--works.


Open Resource Monitor. In the Start search box, type Resource monitor and press ENTER to open.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password, or provide confirmation.

In the Resource Monitor dialog box, switch to theCPUtab. Click the small arrow to the right of the associated handle bar to expand it.

Enter a file name in the search field (if the file name is longer, enter a partial file name), and then press ENTER. All file-related processes are now listed in the "Image" column.

Select the process that invokes the file, right mouse button, and click "End Process".

It is now possible to delete the relevant files/folders successfully.

Tip: Using the correlation handle search, we can also query the registry key value corresponding to the process!

Windows7 How to quickly find files by who occupy "technology small pick"

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