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Category filtering visual display makes libraries easier to use

The library feature is one of the biggest highlights of the Windows 7 system, and it radically changes the way we manage our files, becoming more flexible and convenient from a rigid folder approach. But as the number of files and folders in the library becomes more and more large, it becomes difficult to select the desired files directly from the library, in fact, the arrangement of the good library can solve the problem well, and then use some examples to see how to quickly find the files needed in the library.

Click on the resource Manager on the Super taskbar to open the library, and you can see the "Arrange By" drop-down menu under the "Change your View" button on the Explorer menu bar. Different types of libraries, the options are not the same in this menu, such as Picture Library has month, day, rating, marking several options, document library has author, modified date, Mark, type, name several general election items. The next thing to do is to use these different arrangement options to easily find the files you need.

Quick Positioning Photos

When I look over the tourist photos on the computer, if the photos exported from the camera did not indicate the date or place, in order to recall the year and month went somewhere, often to use a special look at the picture software to view the date of the photo shoot, in fact, with Windows 7 Picture library can be visually displayed. Right-click on the folder where the photo is located, select "included in the library/Picture", and then open the picture library, select the top right corner of the "arrangement" in the "month" or "Day" in the Explorer by date to display the photos taken.

In this large number of photos, perhaps a few of their own to think that the good work, the old want to show off with their friends, but want to in a lot of photos will be singled out to friends to check for half a day. If you choose your own pride in advance, right click to select "attribute/Details", using the grading function of photos to the photo rating a star, set a level, the next time to see a friend online, as long as the Open picture library, by grading the photos can quickly find the corresponding evaluation of the work.

Download a lot of beautiful pictures, want to use the most suitable for their screen resolution of the picture when the desktop background, it is also easy to pick up the eye in the explorer, if you have previously added tags in the file "attribute/details", such as "1920*1200 wallpaper", you will be more likely to find your own desktop in the photo gallery.

Find documents quickly

The Windows 7 document library is very tightly integrated with Office documents, such as clicking the Office Button in Word, choosing Word Options/General, and customizing Microsoft Office Filled in the user name for their Office documents set the author information, in the document library to select the author's arrangement can be summarized according to different authors, is very suitable for the office in the frequent documents found in their own writing or other people sent over the file.

If you think this is not fast enough, you can also combine powerful library search capabilities. After entering the document library, click the search box in the upper right corner, the search filter (the default filter for different types of libraries is exactly the same as the arrangement option), and if you want to find the same file as the one that happened, simply select the author search filter, and a long array of tables appears. Select the name of the colleague in the document or direct input, combined with the preview pane can also see whether the document content you want the file.

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