Windows7 System Partition Adjustment

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The ability to adjust partitions with Windows 7 makes it easy to fix problems that previous versions of Windows could not resolve. Zoning adjustment is not easy, especially after you have installed the system, want to adjust it is very difficult. Not only the tools, but also the partitioning, the risk of losing data.

But recently many netizens asked how the Windows 7 partition was set to be reasonable, and how to adjust the system partition after installing Windows7. Indeed, after Vista system partition needs more space than the previous system, for just contact with Windows7 friends need to grope. And some people are not familiar with the Windows 7 partition program, and even the entire hard drive is a partition. This article uses an example to explain the partition, creation, and expansion of the software that is used with Windows 7.

First step: Enter the System management interface. Locate the computer in the Start menu/Right-click on the computer to select Management/access to disk Management in storage.

Step Two: Compress existing partitions. Find the hard drive you need to adjust to see the graphical zoning diagram. In the need to reduce the partition on the right button/select the compressed volume/software will automatically calculate the size can be compressed, if the compressible value is small better first defragment/input a compressed value, click Compression. After the operation completes, unallocated space will appear at the back of the existing partition.

Step three: Create a new partition. Right-click on unallocated space select New Simple volume/Follow wizard operation, once input volume size (partition capacity), drive letter, partition format, and so on, click to complete. Friendly tips, suggested that the quick format of the selection can speed up the format.

Fourth Step: Resize the partition. Disk Management with Windows 7 is also available for partition sizing. Compress the same as the partition, and then click on the right mouse button on the next volume and select the expansion volume. However, this extended feature is a bit weak and can only extend partitions between unallocated spaces.

So, how do you create an extended partition directly?

You cannot create an extended partition directly in Windows7 Disk Management, and you must use the DiskPart command to create an extended partition separately. In fact, I don't think it's necessary to create an extended partition in Windows 7, which automatically transforms the partition into an extended + logical partition when the number of partitions created is greater than 3.

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