WINDOWS8 and MacOS10.9 dual system installation and Mac often use software Installation-Lenovo E49A

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The content described in this article is only suitable for Lenovo E49A notebook, after the content of this article, the use of Mac OS 10.9 to achieve normal working standards, the perfect degree is better.

Results such as the following: video card, network card (RTL8168), sound card, battery, USB are normal driver, wireless card (RTL8192CE) is not normal driver, this built-in network card does not seem to have a MAC driver.

WINDOWS8 installation, relatively simple, the front post also has a brief description:

Before installing your Mac, enter the BIOS to make two settings:

1. Change the graphics card into integrated graphics

2, change the USB3.0 to 2.0, otherwise it may not be recognized U disk

Disk partitioning

Use USB stick boot, perform Diskgenius partition ( to ensure that the hard disk is MBR partition table, do not use GPT partition table ), partition such as the following: c/d/e (all 100G NTFS partition), L (6200)/M (remaining space, about 150G), L and M do not format , the purpose of L is to burn Mac installation image, M is used to install Mac.

Software preparation

Software Download Link: Http://

The description of the software function describes for example the following:

Mavericks_10.9.3_13d65.cdr:os X Mavericks 10.9.3 (13d65) lazy version installation image, 5 multi-G

Win Chameleon Chameleon Install 2281:mac installation tool, Windows8+mac dual boot Boot

Ivy Processor HD4000 Graphics dedicated extra: Graphics driver, after extracting the extra folder after L (L was burned) and M (after Apple installed) root folder

hfs+ for Windows 10.2.7z:windows8 after the installation is complete, the software is installed to be able to view the Mac partition file under Windows8

After the installation of the HDD assistant V0.3.7Z:WINDOWS8, the software is installed to be able to mirror the Mac installation files to the L disk so that the chameleon can install the Mac based on the L disk Driver Compression Package

Kext Driver Installation Tool

Installing Mac 10.9.3

Installing a Chameleon

Note: Before you perform a chameleon, you need to install the. Net FrameWork 3.5.

To perform Chameleon Install.exe as an administrator, click Install to be successful, such as the following:

This time, rebooting the system, has been able to enter the Chameleon Launcher interface.

Installing hfs+ for Windows 10.2

Execute the MSI file directly, install it in 10-day trial mode, and then enter the serial number when you are prompted to enter the serial number when the installation is complete.

Again, is the first 10-day trial mode installation, after the installation is completed, prompted to enter the serial number and then enter the serial number.

Write a mirror with the hard drive helper

As an administrator to perform the hard drive assistant, remove other than the Write checkbox check, select the Mac image file, then select the partition L, This order can not be wrong , otherwise close the hard drive assistant, again open, such as the following:

After the point is started, it starts writing to the L disk, and after successful writing, the interface is as follows:

Enter the l disk, delete the extra folder, the "Ivy processor HD4000 video card dedicated extra" extracted extra folder under the L root folder,

Enter L:\System\Library\Extensions Delete the following file

All files starting with AMD



6 files starting with Applethunderbolt

8 files starting with NV

all files beginning with Iobluetooth

Start installing Mac OS 10.9

Reboot, chameleon boot into, select Mac OS Install disk (this is actually WINDOWS8 under the L disk), a few minutes later, will enter the language selection interface, such as the following:

Select the language, click the arrow to continue, after the "Install Mac OS X" interface, click Continue, then appear in the protocol, click Allow, enter the target disk selection stage, this time, to select the screen above the "Use tool", select "Disk Utility", such as the following:

Note Select the target disk to install the Mac (should be Windows8 under the unformatted M-disk), but this function is named by the number, it may be disk03, by the size of the disk can further confirm whether the disk is selected, erase the disk when the data, assuming that the wrong disk is selected ...

So, be careful, be sure to select the right disk

Select the disk, point erase,

Format: "Mac OS Extended (journaled)"

Name MAC OS 10.9

And then wipe it off.

Click the Red Close button in the upper-left corner, such as the following:

Select "Mac OS 10.9", click Install, for example the following:

Start the installation process, the installation process as far as possible to move the mouse or SPACEBAR, do not let the computer into sleep.

In about 30 minutes, the installation of this step is complete.

Repairing Windows Startup

After the installation of the previous step, the actual original Windows active boot partition (C), has been set to inactive, so this state can not enter the Windows8,mac is not finished, also can not enter the Mac, so we want to start Windows8 PE with a U disk, Using the Windows Disk Management feature, set the boot partition of Windows (should be C) to active, at this time C and M are actually active partitions.

This time, you can restart the computer, into the WINDOWS8.

Change the content on Mac OS 10.9 disk

Reboot and after entering WINDOWS8, copy the above extra folder to the root folder of Mac OS 10.9 (that is, M-disk).

Enter the \system\library\extensions folder for Mac OS 10.9:

Delete Appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext

Delete Appleintelcpupowermanagementclient.kext

Delete Applesmartbatterymanager.kext

Delete 15 files starting with AMD

Delete 5 files beginning with Appleintelhdgraphics

Delete 6 files beginning with Applethunderbolt

Delete 7 files beginning with GeForce

Delete 7 files beginning with NV

Delete Applehda.kext

Delete 4 files beginning with Atiradeon

Delete all files beginning with Iobluetooth

Fix permissions on Mac OS 10.9 disk

Reboot, select Chameleon Boot, select Mac OS install disk, continue, this time after selecting the language, select "System Tools"--"disk Utility"--"Select Mac OS 10.9" disk--Repair Disk permissions

A few minutes later, the right to repair, click on the top left of the Apple logo, restart the system, this restart, you can select "Mac OS 10.9" disk, into the MAC system, this step, the actual only video card driver is good, other network cards, sound cards, batteries need to further install the driver.


Disk Management to the installation disk to repair the system disk File permissions method is the system disk after replacing some of the driver files can not enter the case and the wood has a Mac version of the method used under PE;

Assuming the driver is installed, unable to enter the system, take a look at the operation of this step to try it.

Installation drive

Network card driver: realtekrtl81xx-0_0_9.pkg, double-click can be successfully installed, restart the machine, the network card is effective, after configuration, to be able to surf the Internet.

For other kext format drivers, please use the Kext Wizard tool to install and refer to this post:

Sound card driver: Voodoohda.kext, after installation, there is a sound.

Battery drive: Voodoobattery.kext, after installation, the battery level will be displayed.

USB drive: Pxhcd.kext, Iousbfamily.kext, Iousbmassstorageclass.kext is USB drive, but I have to have the USB disk is not recognized, do not know why.

Wireless network card: Lenovo E49A Wireless network card model is, RTL8192CE, this network card does not have a Mac version of the driver, the general will choose to spend 20 yuan to buy this wireless card, ar5b195, the driver is the 3, Io80211family.kext, Ioath3kfrmwr.kext, Iobluetoothfamily.kext, wireless Bluetooth has been done. Note: Change the wireless card, to washed the list, otherwise it will not boot.

So far, the MAC system has been able to basically meet the needs of the job.

References to the above installation steps:

System Preferences

This is like the Windows Control Panel.

Set the mouse

Setting the direction of the mouse scroll pulley is consistent with windows to conform to the habits of Windows users.

Setting up the keyboard

Apple keyboard and Windows keyboard layout is not exactly the same, with the Windows keyboard (Apple System), the default copy paste and so on are alt+c/v, we still replaced ctrl+c/v, more in line with the habit.

Setting the time zone

Just set this up, time is right, otherwise it will be 8 hours slower.

Display the system disk for Mac OS 10.9

Finder--Preferences--sidebar--check "xx's MacBook Pro"

Open Root Account

System Preferences-Users and groups-click the login option (to unlock first)-Network account server, click "Add" button--click "Open folder Using Tool" button--unlock, click on the top of the Edit menu, open the root user

Show hidden files

command to display Mac hidden files: Defaults write appleshowallfiles YES

command to hide Mac hidden files: Defaults write appleshowallfiles NO

After you lose, click Enter, exit the terminal, and start the Finder again.

Restart Finder: Mouse click the Apple flag in the upper-left corner of the form-force quit-->finder--> to start again

Assuming that hidden files are displayed in the terminal, use the command directly: Ls-a is available.

Show full path in Finder title bar

In terminal, enter the following command:

Defaults write _fxshowposixpathintitle-bool YES

Killall Finder

Frequently asked questions and solutions

1. Wired network card, disconnect or unplug the network after the Internet, the solution of the following methods such as:

Run Ifconfig en0 down and ifconfig en0 up on the premise that the root account is already open to

Mac10.9 often use Software installation


Homebrew is a smart package management system developed by Ruby (Mac comes with a ruby environment), similar to the Linux apt, yum, for installation use, please crossing network:

It is said that Alfred is also very useful, I also downloaded the installation of one.


After the installation is complete, no matter what JDK installed (see the online post, installed after the Apple will be the active installation of JDK6, Location:/system/library/java/javavirtualmachines/1.6.0.jdk/), So I installed the JDK7 manually, since JDK7 started, Oracle official website has a for Mac installation JDK package provided.

The version number I installed is: JDK-7U55-MACOSX-X64.DMG

The default installation location is:/library/java/javavirtualmachines/jdk1.7.0_55.jdk/contents/home

environment variable settings (including the following MAVEN environment variables to be installed), Vim/etc/profile:

Export Java_home=/library/java/javavirtualmachines/jdk1.7.0_55.jdk/contents/home

Export Jre_home= $JAVA _home/jre

Export m2_home=/work/apache-maven-3.2.1

Export path= $JAVA _home/bin: $M 2_home/bin: $PATH


After decompression, put in the/work folder, and add environment variables (such as above), you can.

Package command: mvn clean package-dmaven.test.skip=true-p Online,-P is the configuration using a profile, infrequently used, it is recommended that the configuration file on the external fixed path, do not choose according to the command when packaging

SVN and Git

SVN checkout svn://ip:3691/search--username= user name--password=password/work/svn/search, for password hypothesis there are special characters, for example [email Protected] #等, add the backslash to

Many other svn:

git clone [email protected]:mall/mall.git

Many other git:

The SVN management tool for a more usable graphical interface under Mac: Cornerstone.

SVN attribute Management command:

SVN plist

SVN pget Svn:ignore

For Svn:ignore settings for a Java project:

SVN pset Svn:ignore "
. Project
. classpath
. Settings ".

Remote control of Windows machines

RDC_2.1.1_ALL.DMG, you can use Microsoft's official remote Desktop connection.

If you install OFFICE11, RDC is installed by default and Word/excel/powerpoint/outlook/msn is installed.


SecureCRT 7.2 Perfect cracked version. zip, accustomed to the use of SECURECRT under Windows, the most used under the Mac or SECURECRT. There are very many people like to use ITERM2, but can not save password, it is very annoying.

MySQL Database

First, go to download mysql-5.6.10-osx10.7-x86_64.dmg, and then double-click the file to install the two installation package files in the image.

A, MYSQL-5.6.10-OSX10.7-X86_64.DMG (MySQL Standard Edition installation)

B, Mysqlstartupitem.pkg (MySQL startup project), to be able to perform the MySQL service on your computer when booting the system, it is installed in/library/startupitems/mysql/, If you do not want the MySQL service to be executed when the system starts, do not install. If you do not want to use it after installation, please delete the/library/startupitems/mysql/folder.

Start and close the MySQL service

Go to System Preferences, find the MySQL icon, start and close MySQL.

Change the MySQL root account password

Terminal input command:/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqladmin-u root password new password

You can change your password at any time by using this command.

Terminal login MySQL

Method 1: Absolute path

Terminal input command:/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql-u root-p

Tip: Enter your new password

Method 2: (recommended) relative path

Input command in terminal: Echo $PATH

No, it is added in/etc/profile: Export path=/usr/local/mysql/bin: $PATH

Later, you need to enter the command in the terminal: Mysql-u Root-p can

Database client

Navicat Premium 11.0.15.dmg, including cracked files.

After the installation is complete, run the SN, the first phase of the application inside the Navicat run patch, and then generate serial number, then the application inside the Navicat run activate will be able to.

MONGO Database

Brew Update

Brew Install MongoDB


Input Mongod start MONGO, you can.


The simplest mongoclient is the MONGO command, and the other is a layer of UI encapsulation.

ROBOMONGO-0.8.4-X86_64.DMG, Mongoclient, has windows/mac/linux version number, the official website:

Decompression tool-ez 7z, WinRAR, etc.

EZ 7z, download URL: Http://

Office for Mac

About the font problem with Office for Mac, the PPI inconsistency between Mac and windows, causing normal-sized fonts in Windows to appear small on the Mac, while the normal-sized fonts on the Mac are too large on Windows.

For this, adjust the scale on your Mac, zoom to 125%, and it's almost the same as Windows.


Uninstall the tool, can be relatively clean uninstall software.

Sublime Text 2

Text, code editing tools.


Nginx:, this time using Nginx 1.6.0

PCRE (make Nginx support Regular): Ftp://, this time use 8.35

Separately download, unzip, enter the Nginx Unzip folder, start the installation, the process such as the following:

./configure--prefix=/usr/local/nginx--with-http_ssl_module--with-cc-opt= "-wno-deprecated-declarations"-- with-pcre=/work/setupsource/pcre-8.35

sudo make

sudo make install

After the above steps, Nginx-1.6.0 successfully installed, the following create a shortcut: sudo ln-s/usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx/usr/sbin/, you can start at random path, close Nginx, often use the command:

View Nginx version number: Nginx-v

View Nginx support for those modules: Nginx-v

Start Nginx:sudo Nginx

Close Nginx:sudo nginx-s Stop

Again in the nginx.conf configuration file: sudo nginx-s reload

Nginx Configuration Case One

HTTP {    server {      #1. Listening 80port       listen  ;       Location/{          # 2. The default home folder is in the HTML subfolder of the Nginx installation folder.          root   html;          Index  index.html index.htm;          # 3. When there is no index page, list files and subfolders          autoindex on;          Autoindex_exact_size on;          Autoindex_localtime on;      }      # 4. Specify the virtual folder      Location/tshirt {      alias D:\programs\Apache2\htdocs\tshirt;      Index index.html index.htm;      }    }    # 5. Virtual Host configuration    server {      listen          ;      server_name;      Access_log;      Location/{        index index.html;        Root;      }    }  

Nginx Configuration Case Two

HTTP {include mime.types;    Default_type Application/octet-stream;    Sendfile on;    Keepalive_timeout 65;   SSI on; Start the server Side include, leave the include, then this number to open, otherwise the include is invalid//This is the option to configure load Balancing upstream Backend_server {ip_h            Ash    Server;        } server {Listen 80;       Root d:\git_workspace\mall\mall\src\main\webapp;//site root folder server_name localhost;        Configure the virtual folder Location/inc {alias D:\git_workspace\mall_conf\inc; }//Configure URL rewriting, reverse proxy location ^~/s-{rewrite ^/s-([a-za-z0-9]*). html$/ns/$1 break;rewrite ^/s-([ a-za-z0-9]*) _ ([0-9]*). html$/ns/$1&pageno=$2 break;rewrite ^/s-([a-zA-Z0-9]*)-([ a-za-z0-9]*). html$/ns/$1&seoidstr=$2 break;rewrite ^/s-([a-zA-Z0-9]*)-([ a-za-z0-9]*) _ ([0-9]*). html$/ns/$1&seoidstr=$2&pageno=$3 Break;proxy_pass Http://backend_serveR;} Configure URL filtering, reverse proxy location ~* \.  (Sc|jsp|jhtml|jhtml\;jsessionid= (. *)) $ {index index.html;  Proxy_pass;           Proxy_set_header X-real-ip $remote _addr; }    }}

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