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Recently bought a new notebook, as for the very tangled selection process will be the next time to say. This is the first time to use a new notebook to play a stand-alone game.

I have never played the series since the Call of Duty 8, one is the computer is not configured, but the call of Duty 9, the series has not supported XP. I also borrowed a roommate's installed Win7 desktop to try to finish the COD9, but downloaded a half-day, the result of the game is a black screen, all the patches on the internet are basically played again, or ineffective, and finally had to give up. Behind also can only go to the Internet café is over.

Today, with their new notebook, downloaded about one hours, Chinese hard disk version, 12G, 3DM download. All of the DIRECTX,VC run libraries, the. NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, and so on are all or installed or enabled. Easy to download the game to extract, results click on the game to go in, see a long absence of familiar tasks and dialogue, balabala a large pile, skip, and then the first, and Angola's dozen, the result, a press keyboard automatically quit to the desktop, can only hear the sound of the game, but how can not switch to the game. Finally, you can end the game with task management. Just try it a lot, and you'll find that even when you play a game character conversation, you press the keyboard and the game automatically quits to the desktop.

On the Internet, it is either the input method or the problem of solving the patch. I tried all the cracked patches, all useless, will still pop up to the desktop. Finally, only the problem of input method. Because for me such a win7 total time not more than two days of people, directly from XP jump to Win8, very not adapt, a lot of things have changed. You don't even have to go to where to find the settings, click where. It feels like win8 is not as good as Linux, at least I can just type in a command to solve the problem without having to memorize the damn settings under which graphic.

Win8 Call of Duty 9 after entering, press the keyboard to automatically exit to the desktop solution:

Because bought time, already installed WIN8 Professional version 64, the default input method is Chinese keyboard, so when you enter the game, with the keyboard for the characters in the game when the operation, will automatically quit to the desktop. So, we're going to set up in the game, the input method is American keyboard. This is set to the problem of entering the WIN8 under the set. Ok,win8 under the modified delete input method I will not, can only Baidu, set the default input into the U.S. keyboard, it solved the WIN8 under the call of Duty 9 after entering the keyboard to automatically exit to the desktop problem.

Win8 to modify the default input method to a U.S. keyboard:

1. Press the shortcut key "Win+x" and click "Control Panel"

2. Enter the Control Panel and click on "Clock, language and area" (and the following different words, click "View Mode", changed to the same as the following picture on the line.

3. There is a "add language" under "clock, language and area"--"language"

4. Click "Add Language" under Change the language channel option

5. Click "Add language" to find "English" under Open a new window and click "Open"

6. Find "English (USA)" (That is, "United states") and click "Add" so that the new language will be added to the language list. It seems that you can add English (UK).

7. In the Change Language preference page. "Chinese (Chinese people in a common country)" "Move Down"

Only the "Chinese (Chinese people in total)" has been moved down before it can be deleted. Save it again. As shown in figure:

8. At this point, by default, the input method is the American keyboard, so you enter the call of Duty 9, and then how to press the keyboard, will not automatically quit to the desktop.

Note: In fact, you can not delete the Chinese input method, as long as you move the "English (United States)" to the first position, you can also use the keyboard for game operation.

If you have deleted the Win8 Chinese input method, you can only play English. But don't worry, you can use the same method, again, "Chinese (Chinese People)" added to the input method.

Finish the Tutorial!

The Call of duty also has the following questions:

Click to run the game did not reflect, this will go online to download no response to the patch, run on the OK.

Black screen problem, there are patches on the Internet, but this time I have not encountered.

All said that the graphical interface is simple, in fact, to later you will find that the location of the memory of those buttons, but also a greater burden, there is no command to direct simply. Win8 is really not a person to use, found himself completely become a computer idiot. or XP is comfortable. There are a lot of win8 under the WIN8, such as the way to install the. NET Framework 3.5, don't expect to install online, or download the corresponding WIN8 installation CD-ROM, install the. NET Framework 3.5 offline.

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