WINDOWS8 resolution of network Configuration error Unable to access the Internet

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It is believed that when you use the Win7 or WIN8 operating system computer to surf the Internet, sometimes you will encounter the network, in the lower right corner of the computer network Small icon has a small exclamation mark, this situation, we usually go back to see their own routers whether there is a problem, to see if the lights on the normal light, and finally restart the router, But the result is still not go to the net, at this time some people will think is not own computer what problem?

For such a problem, it is not so, the computer is sometimes very naughty, you just set the computer network configuration, and then you can easily access the Internet. Here is how to deal with this problem quickly, so that you also become a computer engineer.

1, right click on the desktop of the lower right corner of the network small icon.

2, click Open Network and Sharing Center. There is a change adapter setting in the upper-right corner where you can see your network connection status.

3, click Change adapter Settings. This shows a network connection that includes your wifi.

4, here we can see the Ethernet network connection, this is when you insert the network cable after the display can be a sign of the Internet if the same as the image above shows that you have disconnected, then how to deal with it.

5, how to reset the network connection. Right click on the Ethernet, and then click Disable, when the icon appears gray and then right click, enable and then back to the desktop, the network will be reconfigured, so easy to solve the problem of not going to the network.

It's OK to wait for it to be re-enabled. So you can surf the Internet, this method is not only applicable to network cable, while wireless internet is also applicable, the steps are the same as the above instructions.

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