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For most of the domestic users, may be more accustomed to such as sogou Pinyin input method, QQ Pinyin Input method, Baidu Pinyin input method, Google Pinyin input method, and so on, these mainstream input method has now supported the WIN8 system, in the use of their own advantages still.

▲windows 8 Input Method

▲ Microsoft Input Method

When you need input, we usually use the CTRL space key to turn off and open the input method, with Ctrl Shift to achieve the input of the switch. But the WIN8 system in the Metro interface, you can only use the Microsoft Input method, and the domestic input tools must be developed to support the Win8 start interface function, especially can be applied to touch the tablet computer input.

▲ the input interface on the tablet

Simply say the input method of the setting, add and delete input method, may have some friends will not find, and Win8 system of input method settings compared to the previous changes are also large.

First open the Control Panel, find the "language", after entering here is the change of language preferences, here in Chinese and English, we click on the Chinese "options."

▲ Change the language preferences

In Chinese language options, here are the input methods we have installed, you can choose from the "Add Input Method" here.

▲ Add input methods and options

Input method is our daily indispensable tool, and the keyboard is to achieve our communication with the computer bridge. With the popularity of the touch screen, perhaps in the future we will first discard the keyboard and mouse, input will become more intelligent and fast.

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