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Although later Win8 App Store has appeared a lot about Taobao discount promotion of the third party app, but these applications are not officially provided, so it is only a simple advertising publicity just, for users, the practical value is not big. Recently, Taobao finally in the WINDOWS8 application store officially online Win8 version of Taobao client, WIN8 version Taobao client around the concept of the magazine, redefined Taobao shopping flow and information display way, all to enhance the user experience for the purpose, so that users immersed in shopping fun.

Taobao main interface

Win8 version of Taobao in the entire product page design originality, using a very new integrated magazine cover way to show, and the traditional Electronic Business client detailed classification list is different, Taobao through this way to the user's shopping experience more operational.

Main interface

At present, the main interface of Win8 Taobao covers a large number of different shopping topics, there are daily discounts on the "Daily specials", all kinds of large brands of "Discount Street", 11 o'clock on time snapped "limit shopping street" and so on, and with the changing time and season, its content will change with it, quite a guide to the taste of the magazine.

Daily Specials

In addition to the homepage of the Commodity Shopping guide, Win8 Taobao also set up a product classification module for users, covering the apparel apparel, luggage accessories, home food, such as eight different categories of several branches, users can easily find the goods needed here.

Product Classification

Product Search

Of course, you can also use the search function of Taobao more accurate search operations, the results of the search will be large or list of two forms presented to the user, users can also choose according to Price, region and a variety of different screening methods to organize the search results.

All Merchandise baby's details interface is consistent with the web-side Taobao interface (pictured), sliding left and right to see the commodity baby's detailed data, including a variety of parameter specifications, large graphics, buyers comments, and so on, and up and down can be specific categories of paging operations, such as large product map, buyers comment.

Baby Details

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