Windows8.1 and Ubuntu14.04 Two-system uninstall Ubuntu Reference tutorial [photo]

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I have previously written and published the "Windows8.1 installation Ubuntu14.04 dual system reference tutorial and two hard drive considerations" This tutorial, and this article provides the uninstall Ubuntu method for this tutorial, other methods installed Ubuntu can be appropriate to do the examination. However, I suggest that you read this article roughly and then make your decision.

The method described herein, the individual test is correct, as described in this article caused no matter what loss, I can not be responsible, please be cautious!

if reproduced, please specify the post address and the original author (Risingwonderland).

Preparation Conditions

    • Please reconfirm the file backup of Ubuntu system;
    • This paper is applicable to Win7 and Win8.1;
    • The Windows operating system has EASYBCD software installed;
    • You have read this article.

Step 1

Enter the Windows system and open the EASYBCD software.

Select BCD deployment in the left Side tool list and select the install Windows VISTA/7 bootloader in MBR option in MBR configuration options on the right side of the Ribbon. For example, as seen in:

Click on the "Write MBR" button. At the end of the operation, EASYBCD's mission is complete.

Step 2

Open Disk Manager to see partitions that are not recognized by 1 or more Windows systems that belong to the Ubuntu system:

I previously created three mounts when I installed Ubuntu, so there are three partitions that are not recognized by Windows, and the three partitions right-click "Delete Volume". It is assumed that a partition that is not classified as "unallocated" after the volume is deleted (an extended partition may appear) is removed.

Step 3

So far, the Ubuntu system has been removed. We are now able to set partitions on unallocated space, each with the required.

if reproduced, please specify the post address and the original author (Risingwonderland).

Windows8.1 and Ubuntu14.04 Two-system uninstall Ubuntu Reference tutorial [photo]

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