Windwos Hyper-V nested virtualization

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Now that Microsoft's virtualization is becoming more and more mature, many people are beginning to study Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization, but suffer from not too many computers to provide the deployment environment, coupled with the previous version of WINDWOS is not supported in the virtual machine installed Hyper-V, so that everyone head large.

Both WIN10 and win server 2016 now support nested virtualization, which means that hyper-V can be installed in a virtual machine.

First of all, of course, the installation of Hyper-V, the installation process is omitted, I believe you must know.

Create a new virtual machine after you install Hyper-V. Here I set up a virtual machine named Test.

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Then run PowerShell as an administrator, enter GET-VM, and view the virtual machines that exist on the current computer.

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Now my computer has only one virtual machine named Test, the default is not to turn on nested virtualization, we can first use Get-vmprocessor-vmname Test | FL View the following.

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Exposevirtualizationextensions is displayed as false, we now enter Set-vmprocessor-exposevirtualizationextensions $true-VMName Test turns on nested virtualization. This problem may occur if your computer is win10.

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This note, your win10 computer is a preview version, do not support this feature, or re-install a formal version of the WIN10 or install server2016. Generally after entering this command, there is no reaction, and then look again.

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Now that Exposevirtualizationextensions has become true, you can deploy Hyper-V as you like.

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Windwos Hyper-V nested virtualization

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