WinForm Development Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) Summary 2 framework based development process

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In the last essay "WinForm Development framework of Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) Development Summary Series 1-Interface feature display" introduced my entire CRM system overview, this article continues this series of articles, describes how to build on my "WinForm development Framework" based on progress Line CRM system module development work, hope for everyone in the system module development has some enlightenment or help.

In the architecture of my entire development framework, I would like to develop a business module as reusable as possible, so follow this requirement, all modules in addition to some of the basic modules, as far as possible with the other business modules without any coupling, but also can dynamically load the use of modules, and I am in the WinForm Development framework of the plug-in application framework implementation of the idea of the same, each module can be dynamically combined to achieve more business integration.

1, the project introduction of CRM System

This customer relationship management system, also based on this purpose and on the basis of the module development, in the whole project module development process, will be used to the entire WinForm development framework of the relevant component modules, including the Basic interface module, program startup module, Rights Management module, dictionary Management module, pagination control, common class library, Attachment management, such as public modules.

The interface effect of the entire CRM system is shown below.

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