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When we use the computer, we often encounter the situation that the network connection is limited or unable to connect and so on, there may be many reasons for the problem. Of course, some people resorted to repair the computer must kill technology "Restart the computer" will be able to solve the problem, but this must kill technology in most of the environment is not able to solve the problem. Next, combined with Microsoft's latest WINDOWS8 system, we have some information about the Internet usage which is restricted or not connected, so that we can help the friends who meet this problem.

If you are using the WIN8 system when you encounter a hint can not be connected or the network is limited, and other prompts caused by the lack of access to the situation, the cause may be all sides. such as the operating system of some incorrect settings, routers or cats, such as Internet terminal settings problem, network card network cable, such as hardware failure problems. Anyway, when we use Windows 8, when we have network restrictions or can't connect, try the following methods, or find a solution to the problem you are experiencing.

  First, check the network cable

Make sure the network cable is no problem, I have met friends to repair the computer said that can not access the Internet. The results of the majority of the day or can not be resolved, and finally found because the network cable is not plugged in or the network problem. In order to avoid this embarrassing phenomenon, the first step to put this situation to understand, or the investigation of a half-day encounter unexpectedly is not to plug the network line, this is "a wise half to lose." If the network icon in the lower right corner of a large red fork, this time the first to check whether the cable is plugged in. If the cable is plugged in and normal, the yellow lights are flashing in the place where the desktop is plugged in and the notebook is plugged in. If the LED does not blink this means that the network cable is not plugged in or plugged in to the effect.

  Ii. Retrieve IP address information

When the network is unable to connect, the first time to think of is to view their own IP address information. We can enter ipconfig or (ipconfig/all view details) under command Line (CMD) for viewing.

This is normal if we get the IP address of the normal segment of our company network or the IP network segment set by our home router. If the IP address information is not set with its own environment of the network segment, this is an abnormal situation, the need to reset the IP or retrieve the IP address.

This means that the NIC does not get the correct IP address if the following conditions occur or the IP address begins with 169.

If we get the IP address of the Internet via DHCP, we can use the Ipconfig/release command to release the existing IP address information and then use Ipconfig/renew to obtain the appropriate IP address from DHCP. This method can solve the part does not get the correct IP address information, DNS, and so on, sometimes in the environment with DHCP manually configured IP address will also be limited to the connection or on the network icon display exclamation!, this time need to set the IP address dynamic acquisition.

Ipconfig/release release address information.

Ipconfig/renew Gets the new address information.

  Third, diagnose network connection

To solve a network problem, Windows has a good tool called "Windows Network Diagnostics" that can help us check out the causes of some problems. Open our computer's network adapter, notebook if wireless connection to the network is to open our wireless network adapter, this time you can click on the lower right of the "Diagnostics Open Windows Network Diagnostics" for inspection:

The wizard pops up to diagnose automatically. In some cases it will be repaired automatically, and some problems can be solved by using Windows Diagnostics.

If you check for related issues, you can fix them according to the problem you found.

  Four, broadband connection

Many friends in the use of dial-up to surf the Internet, clearly account password has been set up correctly. But still find network connection Limited, ADSL virtual dial-up Internet based on PPPoE, it is equivalent to a virtual circuit for dialing between your machine and the ADSL terminal, so the local connection is restricted or connectionless without affecting the normal use of this virtual circuit (of course, virtual circuit running on the real circuit, your network card, ADSL modem and the local ADSL access device must first establish a physical connection to make this virtual circuit work, except the physical connection in the software system does not have to allocate the corresponding IP address. This is the fact that some users have already dialed the number but still connected to the problem and so on.

At this point you need to ensure that your computer's IP address and networking equipment (routers, etc.) in the same network segment.

The method is to open the Control Panel--Network connections, locate the current local connection, right-click it, select Properties, double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) on the General tab, select Use IP address below, and generally fill in the "IP address" , fill out "" in the subnet mask, and then click "OK" to resolve the problem. If the problem is not resolved, please note that IP must be guaranteed and ADSL modem IP address in the same network segment. If the current computer joins a workgroup or domain, it is set according to the situation. It is sometimes possible to remove the option to notify me (M) When this connection is restricted or disconnected in the properties of the local area connection of the network connection.

  Five, network card driver

Recently saw a lot of friends reflected in the upgrade from the Windows7 to the WINDOWS8 system when the network connection is found to be limited or unable to connect, and so on, you need to ensure that the upgrade after the network card driver is correct.

  Vi. Network Operators

When we enjoy the Internet services provided by operators, don't forget that sometimes the reasons for not being able to surf the internet are part of the carrier. Before the dormitory on the network and then a few people have been in the investigation, finally found to call the Telecom customer service results are owed. There are some cases where the account is bound or something, in the network can also give their choice of the operator telephone consultation. It is also important to not be on the network or dial-up problems to remember the prompts of the various code, such as 651, 678, 691, such as the code is the important basis for us to conduct the investigation.

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