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Because the number and level of folders are many, if a file to delete, the workload will be staggering, and the main problem is that the bulk of the image file distribution in the compression package in different folders, if they can be displayed at the same time, the operation will be more convenient.

The first step: all documents to see a clear

Double-click the compressed package and select "Options → file list → flat folder View" (or press shortcut key: ctrl+h) in the open window. At this point, all the files in the compressed package will be displayed in the window.

Step two: Quickly select the required files

Click file → Select a group, enter *.tif, perform this operation again, enter *.bmp, you can select all TIF, BMP files. Click the Delete button on the WinRAR toolbar, and after a while, the files are removed from the compressed package.

Software Introduction

WinRAR is a powerful compression package manager, it is the Archive tool rar in the Windows environment graphics interface. The software can be used to back up data, reduce the size of e-mail attachments, extract RAR, Zip 2.0, and other files downloaded from the Internet, and create new RAR and zip-formatted files.

WinRAR is a file compression management sharing software, developed by Eugene Roshal (so the full name of RAR is: Roshal ARchive). The first public version of RAR 1.3 was released in 1993. Pocket RAR is a free software release for the Pocket PC platform. It is one of only a few software that can read and write RAR files because it retains copyright.

Eugene Roshal,1972 was born in Russia March 10 years. Graduated from the Russian car in the Mercedes-Benz University of Technology (Chelyabinsk technical University), is also far file manager of the author. He developed programs to compress/extract RAR files, initially for DOS, and later ported to other platforms. The main Windows version of the encoder, called WinRAR, is distributed in the form of shared software. However, Roshal public decoder source code, Unrar decoder license allows conditional free release and modification (conditions: No release compiled RAR compatible encoder). And the RAR encoder has been patented.

The most recent developer is Alexander Roshal. Although its decoder is patented, the compiled decompression program still exists on several platforms, such as open source 7-zip. Despite the widespread confusion in the industry, there seems to be no pure open source module to extract more than 2.0 RAR files

The WinRAR built-in program unlocks the various types of files, mirrored files, and tar combination files, including cabs, ARJ, LZH, tar, GZ, Aces, UUE, BZ2, jars, ISO, Z and 7Z, with historical records and favorites, and new compression and encryption algorithms, The compression rate is further increased, and the resource occupancy is relatively small, and can save different compression configuration for different needs, fixed compression and multi volume Self release compression, as well as text class, multimedia class and PE class file optimization algorithm is not available for most compression tools; You can do what you want to do only in the resource manager; for ZIP and RAR release files, click on the properties can easily know the compressed properties of this file, if there are comments, you can also view the contents of the property; for the RAR format (including self release) profile provides unique recovery record and recovery volume functionality, To make data security more fully protected.

WinRAR is shared software. Anyone can use it during the 40-day test period. If you want to continue using WinRAR after the test expires, you must register.

It has no additional license fees. There is no additional license charge other than the registration costs associated with creating and publishing a RAR compressed file or a self-extracting compressed file. Legitimate registered users can use their RAR copy to produce and publish compressed files without any additional RAR royalty. If you register for WinRAR, you can upgrade all the latest versions for free.

The latest WinRAR version is the WinRAR 4.11 Official edition. This is still a charge.

Operating environment: Windows 9x and above.

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