WinRAR how to disguise classified documents as MP3 songs

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We often use WinRAR as encryption software, when the file is compressed to set the password can achieve the purpose of protecting data. But there are so many cracked software specifically for WinRAR passwords, although setting a long password can prevent others from brute force, it is more important not to draw attention to your confidential documents--if the other person does not pay attention to your files and treats your files as normal files, it's much safer. Is there any way to make someone else turn a blind eye to confidential documents? Here is a trick to tell you to use WinRAR to disguise their confidential documents!

Put files that need to be encrypted and a regular MP3 song in the same folder. In the WinRAR main window, select file → browse folder, specify the folder in the pop-up dialog box, and then click OK to return to the main window. Press the CTRL key while selecting the file and MP3 file to encrypt with the left mouse button. The "command" → "Add File to Profile" will pop up the file name and Parameters dialog box, enter the file name in the File name text box of the dialog box, and select Save in the Compress as Drop-down list box. Choose not to compress, and click OK to generate a compressed file. Click on the file, winrar will open it, and then click the right mouse button to select the pop-up menu "sort", put your prepared MP3 file to the first of the RAR file, this is important, otherwise this trick will not succeed. Finally, the file name extension rar of the generated compressed file is modified to MP3.

Now, if someone with the mouse double click this MP3 file, will automatically call Winamp and other software to play the song, who would not think that inside even hidden confidential documents! I want to see hidden in the secret when it can be. MP3 renamed the. rar file, and then double-click the. rar file to see the file you have hidden inside. Note that confidential documents should not be too large, or a MP3 volume is too large to arouse the suspicion of others! Again, don't give. RAR plus password, otherwise renamed to. Unable to play the song after the MP3 file.

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