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Based on the cellular network IoT market is expected to appear in the next few years the outbreak of growth, Nb-iot standard from behind quickly leap red, including chip dealers, operators, equipment manufacturers, module manufacturers, including the whole industry chain manufacturers support and optimistic. ZTE Microelectronics will soon be listed Nb-iot chip RoseFinch7100, also enable the name of God Beast, Rosefinch codenamed Rosefinch ...

Based on the cellular network IoT market is expected to appear in the next few years the outbreak of growth, Nb-iot standard from behind quickly leap red, including chip dealers, operators, equipment manufacturers, module manufacturers, including the whole industry chain manufacturers support and optimistic.

Nb-iot belongs to the LPWA (Low-power WAN) technology and is a cellular communication technology working in the authorized spectrum. Nb-iot than 2G/3G/4G network 50~100 times more than the link capacity, 20dB gain than GPRS, with a stronger penetration and a wider range of coverage, Nb-iot use of discontinuous reception (DRX) and PSM and other energy-saving technology, so that terminal battery life longer, Battery life can last up to 10 years.

Nb-iot technology has the following advantages

Mass connection: Up to 100,000 connections per cell;

Ultra-low power consumption: battery life up to 10 years;

Depth coverage: can achieve 20db higher than GSM coverage gain;

Security: Inherit 4G network security capability, support two-way authentication and empty strict encryption, ensure the security of user data;

Stable and reliable: can provide telecom-grade reliability access, effectively support IoT applications and intelligent City solutions.

On the other side, Nb-iot has relative advantages in strong link, high coverage, low power consumption and low cost, and the large-scale network layout is accelerated. According to Huawei forecasts, 50 Nb-iot commercial networks will be deployed worldwide by the end of 17. The industrial chain and Nb-iot of the Internet of Things

The upstream chip is the Industrial chain Foundation and the core, the explicit support Nb-iot;

The three major communication operators in middle reaches actively layout Nb-iot commercial market;

Downstream application scenarios to meet Nb-iot technology needs, vertical industry accelerated infiltration;

Nb-iot technology is mainly used in the business scene of low latency, discontinuous moving, real-time data transmission, based on indoor and outdoor positioning technology, such as intelligent water (meter) table, sharing bicycle, intelligent parking and so on.

According to the Ministry of Industry issued "on the comprehensive promotion of Animal Network (Nb-iot) the development of the notice" quantitative indicators, by 2020, Nb-iot base station scale reached 1.5 million, M2M total connection number of more than 600 million. ZTE Nb-iot Chip commercial imminent, codenamed Rosefinch

Last June, the Nb-iot quickly completed the standard freeze, the industry generally agreed this year is Nb-iot commercial. Network is the premise of commercial, and terminal chip is the foundation of all things interconnected. Compared with other LPWA technology, the price will become the key to China's chip manufacturers to seize the market.

The latest news, ZTE Microelectronics wireless Terminal Marketing Planning Department director Zhoujin revealed: In September this year will release Low-power Nb-iot commercial Chip Rosefinch (Rosefinch) 7100, the card bit Nb-iot from the network to the application time window. June 2016, ZTE United China Mobile through the base station to the Nb-iot terminal signaling process;

September 2016, ZTE released the Nb-iot prototype Chip--rosefinch7100v0.1, the world's first fully functional full band Nb-iot chip;

March 2017, ZTE officially released Nb-iot commercial chip Wisefone7100, the internal integration of the Zhongtian micro-system CK802 chip, DSP IP from CEVA.

September 2017, will release Nb-iot commercial chip RoseFinch7100 (Rosefinch 7100), there are several industry partners of the first Nb-iot commercial products.

Mobile chip manufacturers prefer to use the ancient beast as their product name, Qualcomm named its processor brand as Xiao Dragon, Huawei named its processor brand as Kirin, both of which have been a great success. ZTE Microelectronics will soon be listed in the RoseFinch7100, the name of the gods and Beasts, Rosefinch codenamed Rosefinch. In the wave of 5G and IoT, ZTE can complete the Rebirth of Nirvana Bath fire. Three major characteristics of RoseFinch7100


Nb-iot has the characteristics of wide coverage, large connection, low power consumption and low cost. ROSEFINCH7100 from the system architecture and physical implementation of two aspects, the power consumption has been effectively optimized, so that the chip has a lower operating current, voltage, the sleep current only 2uA, sleep power only accounted for 16% of the total power consumption of communication module, and the cut-off voltage of only 2V, can prolong battery life nearly 10%. Peripheral

In data acquisition processing, ROSEFINCH7100 integrates more than 30 peripheral interfaces to accommodate more industries. Chip internal integration of the Open application Processor (MCU), users can easily define the perimeter interface, running a custom program to achieve data collection and processing, and for the needs of different users, provide "independent deployment" and "external channel" two recommended solutions. Because of the high integration of chip interface, strong compatibility, so the external cost of less than 50% of the competition, the ultimate cost for customers to create the most competitive machine solutions. Safety

ROSEFINCH7100 supports a signature based authentication mechanism from BOOTROM, providing the basis for a chain of trust for security. Built-in security operating system isolated from the common operating system, providing hardware security space configuration to achieve security access to key peripherals, and to store communications key and local encrypted user-sensitive information, end-to-end transmission of information encryption to ensure that information on the transmission chain security. Zhoujin points out that the chip uses a security architecture based system design concept.

Zhoujin points out that RoseFinch7100 is designed to be networked for Low-power objects and is at the leading level in the industry in terms of sleep power, cut-off voltages and the number of peripheral interfaces that are associated with Internet applications. Nb-iot Chip and module manufacturer information

ZTE Microelectronics in December 2005 set up a communications chip research and development team, the current staff size of more than 2000 people. For 3 consecutive years, the domestic chip industry sales third, the cumulative number of patent applications more than 3,000, international patent more than 1000 pieces. Fully mastered the large-scale deep submicron digital integrated circuit design technology, SOC design technology, analog and mixed-mode integrated circuit design technology, the production process has reached 28 nm, the single design chip cumulative ship more than 100 million, can be High-volume commercial 28nm LTE multimode chip, support four-mode 18-frequency.

It is reported that the completion of Nb-iot commercial at the same time, ZTE Microelectronics is also active in the layout of EMTC and 5G MMTC market, as well as another thing networking technology lora,5g chip is expected to enter the test phase in 2019. At present, Huawei has Nb-iot chip production capacity, Boudica120 plan monthly delivery capacity in millions of pieces, Boudica150 chip is expected to 2017q4 large-scale shipments, Qualcomm, ZTE Microelectronics, RDA, etc. will also be achieved in the year Nb-iot chip production, Other module manufacturers will also follow up quickly.

ABI is predicting that the proportion of cat NB1 standard equipment will occupy more than One-third of all cellular IoT devices, exceeding the traditional M2M or existing CAT1 standards.

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