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Wireless mouse is not responding, I believe that the current use of wireless mouse students have more or less encountered, with one machine computer, laptop and other popular and wireless mouse prices continue to lower, more and more friends choose to use a concise wireless mouse, but the use of wireless mouse will also appear this or that problem, Let's talk about the common wireless mouse unresponsive solution today.

Find the old mouse, the receiver to the computer on a plug, the mouse actually did not respond to see the bottom of the mouse, no light. What's going on? On the battery, when placing the mouse, incredibly forget to take down the battery, now, the battery has been rotten in the battery compartment, the electrolyte flow everywhere is hurriedly removed the damaged batteries, and then look at the battery sockets at both ends of the contact, has not been corroded by the electrolyte is unrecognizable, and then put a battery up to try it.

After replacing the new battery, I saw the mouse at the bottom of the LED lights flashing, the mouse will no longer respond to the problem is not the receiver (this mouse has automatic shutdown function, need to work on the receiver, the mouse can work) then replace the USB interface, the computer successfully find a USB mouse, but the bottom of the mouse lights are still not lit. or reload the battery try it, who knows, just open the battery compartment, contact with the battery, feel the battery fever, and then smell the taste, there is a kind of plastic charred flavor. The mouse is a low current equipment Ah, should not cause the battery fever so serious, not to mention the author put on battery less than 10 minutes. So the author opened the mouse to see, found inside the mouse circuit board has been covered with electrolyte, then carefully look at the mouse, found inside two pieces of black integrated block has a slight discoloration and deformation, a battery, integrated block temperature rises sharply, after a few seconds, the hot can not touch so determined, integrated block internal short-circuit, This mouse has been scrapped.

  Failure Analysis:

In fact, the battery leak is not the direct cause of this mouse damage, is mainly in the case of not cleaning the electrolyte on the circuit board, hastily installed on the battery, because the electrolyte itself has a certain conductivity, so in the battery, the integrated block on the short-circuit phenomenon, the current rapidly increased, resulting in the integration block burned.

Before this, two lessons were learned:

1. First of all, temporarily do not use the mouse, be sure to remove the battery;

2. Second, once the battery leak is found, must not only see the battery socket contact normal on the battery, be sure to take apart the mouse, carefully look inside whether there is electrolyte, if found on the circuit board has electrolyte, you have to use alcohol to clean, to alcohol completely volatile, then put on battery test.

  Summary of the wireless mouse is not responding to the reasons and solutions:

1. Wireless mouse power source is the battery, some 5th battery, some 7th battery. When your wireless mouse is not responding, you have to check the wireless mouse battery is still there.

2 2.4G Wireless Mouse receiver uses a mini USB interface. If the wireless mouse does not respond to the time, you have to put your wireless mouse on other computers to see, so that the exclusion of wireless mouse response is due to poor USB interface.

3. Under normal circumstances, the 2.4G wireless mouse use distance is 10 to 12 meters. First of all to think about the distance you use the wireless mouse is not beyond the wireless mouse requirements of the use of distance. If you are using an infrared wireless mouse, there may be a mask between the mouse and the receiver.

4.2.4G Wireless Mouse adopted a different scheme design, and some of the design has advantages and disadvantages. You want to see if someone around you is using the same model of your wireless mouse, because some of the design of the wireless mouse, when the same site, have the same wireless mouse in the use of the case, will occur interference situation.

5. All Mouse Optical sampling rate is not high. So when your wireless mouse is unresponsive, it is recommended that you use a solid-colored mouse pad.

6. If the above generation of wireless mouse does not respond to the reason is not the case, your wireless mouse may exist quality problems, I suggest you send to the warranty, now the wireless mouse are guaranteed.

7. A very small number of wireless mouse needs to install the driver, this time you have to install the purchase when the manufacturer comes with the driver, and then try to see.

OK, here about the wireless mouse does not respond to some of the common situation, as well as some general troubleshooting methods, today for you to introduce here, because the wireless mouse does not respond to the reasons there are many, if there is improper place, welcome to add and comment.

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