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Often hear netizens complain wireless network card is not on the net off line, this is a very common fault, first of all, we have to start from the network card driver problem, after the elimination of the driver should consider the problem of software settings, the following detailed description of the solution, hope for everyone useful.

(1) The computer can not search the router cannot network

Failure phenomenon:

Win7 system, Cat and wireless router configuration, the computer can not connect to the wireless router, only through the cable temporarily online, can not search the wireless signal, also can not find the router settings interface.

Reason Analysis:

May just directly from the cat, plugged in a network cable connected to the computer, no line by the disconnect from the cat direct connection, so can not find wireless signal


1, find two network cable will be cat, router, computer three connected

2, now open the Router settings interface, is generally, user name and password is generally also admin and password.

3, in the router interface set PPPoE dial-up account and password, that is, broadband dial-up account and password, disconnect the wireless router and computer network cable

4, search for wireless signal, generally can be found and successfully connected, such as unable to open the page is the fifth step

5, reset the local connection automatically obtain IP and DNS can be resolved

(2) Unable to search the signal of their own router

1, into the router management interface to confirm the wireless function is open. (The WLAN lantern on the router flashes when it is turned on)

2, modify the wireless signal frequency band, to 1 to 11, because some network cards do not support 12.13 bands.

3, adjust the wireless router or wireless network card location, avoid wireless network card in the blind area of the wireless router.

4, borrow other wireless network card, see whether the wireless router to find the signal, to confirm whether the router fault.

5, the wireless router to restore the factory settings and then search again.

(3) can search the signal, not connected to the debugging method

1, whether the correct input password

Because of some input methods, you may add a space or use the wrong full-width characters, the router is sensitive to the case, error can cause the connection. And when using WEP encryption, four keys cannot be used at the same time, only one of them can be used. It is recommended that you use the copy and paste method when you want to enter the encryption key.

Before the normal access to the Internet, but because the wireless changed the password and can not connect to the wireless network. Because WIN7 has the wireless password memory function, has saved the previous wireless password to cause the normal Internet. Should click on Wireless Network ® Right click Wireless Network ® Select Properties to enter the correct password in the pop-up dialog box click OK.

2, set the IP address for automatic access

The default settings for different hotspots are not the same, so if you set a fixed IP address, you may not be able to connect. Enter Control Panel Network and Sharing Center change adapters Right-click the wireless network Select Properties Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPV4) to select "Automatically get" OK.

3, check whether there is a signal problem

Place the router near the wireless card to see if there is a signal problem. Some routers signal quality is poor, put away although the signal strength is good, but often unable to connect, in order to eliminate these low-level errors, you can put the router next to the notebook to try.

4. Whether to use MAC address filtering

Some routers, although not encrypted but can not connect, then the router may use MAC address filtering, unless the use of software such as BT3 to sniff out the correct MAC address and camouflage, or give up. If you are building the network, then cancel the MAC address filtering try.

5, Network channel problem

In the network standard, although the channel of the wireless network can have 13, but not overlapping channel, namely the channel that does not interfere with each other is only 1, 6, 11 (or 13) these three. In general, we choose one of these three.

6, upgrade wireless network card driver or router firmware

Wireless network card drivers and router firmware may be one of the root causes of the problem, because there are many matching drivers, which may cause compatibility problems.

7, the network needs to verify the problem

Telecom Chinanet, mobile CMCC hotspots are available in many places, or unencrypted. There are times when searching the network, but not on the net, because further verification is required.

(4) can connect to the router, but not the Internet debugging method

Make sure that the router is set up correctly and that you can connect to the Internet, check your browser settings, and ensure that the system is free of problems and is not infected.

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