Wireless network is restricted or connectionless

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Prevention methods: Modify the routing password, use a good network cable, reduce the barriers between the routing and Computer block, reduce the metal reflection! Other wireless signal interference, such as interference in the same frequency band. In the route to modify, the default is the band 6, multiple wireless signals, changed to other, not as well as others OK.

Do not let others move your route, or set a password after others can also with you restore your routing settings!

Often in that case, does it have anything to do with the quality of your route? Or is the provider of network services reliable? Like my railcom, although cheap, but to the evening when more people, or a period of time can not surf the Internet, and your same situation!

Wireless network is restricted or connectionless

About setting passwords:

There's a default ip, on the back of the line. Account: admin Password: admin

You are using infinity. So. You first put your own wireless network icon right key attribute and then you will see the TCP/IP protocol selected after the change of their IPs to 192,16.1.2~255, any one, so you open ie, input,, this is your route IP. When you enter, you can see the options, or you will change your route to 192.168.2~255.1, others can not know what you changed, and change the password is the same meaning, are not let others into your route, change the password there, As soon as you get into the routing, you see the options on your own and don't need to say much, change the password after your wireless will disconnect, and then you in the Network Neighborhood, find available wireless network, you see your route, after the connection, will prompt you to enter the password, you enter the password you changed, you can connect, and then you can access the Internet, Others will not be able to route, share your network, and maliciously change your password!

First, to see if the wireless network card side configuration is the same as the front-end router configuration (password, encryption), the following steps (for example, Windows XP):

1. Right-click the "My Network Neighborhood" pop-up menu, select "Properties"

2. Right-click the "Wireless network Connection" pop-up menu, select "Properties"

3. Go to wireless network configuration, check "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings (W)" and click "Properties" on the "Preferred Network" menu

4. The following page appears, in accordance with the router settings information, respectively, fill out the "Network authentication", "Data Encryption", "Network key" selection and router consistent, at the same time check "even if some of the network is not broadcast, also connect (N)", after all completed, click "OK", as shown in the following figure:

Second, check whether the router's DHCP server has been closed

With a wired router, the IP address of the local connection is automatically obtained to see if it can obtain the IP address, if obtained, it does not shut down the DHCP server; If you do not get the IP address, the hint is restricted, that is, shut down the DHCP server, you need to teach users to open the DHCP server The steps for starting a DHCP server are as follows (for example, in Windows XP)

1. Right-click--"My Network Places" property

2. Right-click the "Local Area Connection" status and select the "Support" column to see if it is "DHCP assigned"

If the connection is restricted, click General, go to the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) property, click "Use the following IP address (assign the IP address manually)", and then "OK",

1. Enter the router background, select "Advanced Settings"--"Network Settings"--"LAN", set the DHCP type to "server"

Third, whether the connection is their own wireless signal.

Wired into the router back home, check WLAN wireless connection status, confirm that the SSID number shown here is its own SSID number

Iv. check whether the IP address has been allocated

Enter the router's home page, select "Advanced Settings"--"Network Settings"-"LAN", view the starting IP address, end IP address, see if the IP address assigned to your computer is in the zone, and if not, change the area of the start and end IP address to large until you can assign it to all computers.

OK, through these several settings can solve the "connection is restricted" problem, you can enjoy the network to bring joy and freedom.

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