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Why bridge the wireless router? The benefits of wireless bridging, bridging can be two different physical locations, inconvenient wiring of users to connect to the same LAN. Wireless bridging can also play a role in signal amplification. We can bridge multiple wireless routers together to achieve the signal coverage. At least one router supports the WDS feature, but the two routers don't have to be the same. In this case, two of the Tp-link WR741 router For example, the other model settings are the same, first to two routers you a title, the bridge is called the main router, the implementation of the bridge called the deputy router (or from the router).

With the development of wireless network, now more and more companies and enterprises have begun to layout wireless LAN, but in fact, because of the region, scope and other factors, will always lead to no line by or AP set improper time caused by each wireless signal interference, So that the wireless client use of the computer or mobile devices are always unstable signal, then how to do to maximize the reduction of the signal points of the transmitter signal interference, and do not reduce the wireless signal? Is there a good way to be resolute? Of course, there is no line from among the WDS. Next to the CC small series for everyone to organize and share an introduction on WDS technology. Say something. Wireless router bridging or WDS functionality for SMEs. Take the Tp-link wr841n wireless router Setup as an example, the other wireless router reference settings are set up for the whole idea.

The image above shows a small business wireless network, A, B, c three departments if only 1 wireless routers are used, some computers may find that the signal is weak or unable to search for a signal, resulting in the inability to connect to the wireless network. The solution is: A, B, c three departments to connect a wireless router, three wireless routers through the WDS connection can achieve the perfect coverage of the entire region, eliminate blind spots.

Configuration idea: Wireless Router B as a central wireless router, wireless router A, C and wireless router B to establish a WDS connection.

The steps are as follows:

Basic settings for other wireless routers refer to: TP Link Wireless router settings

One, center wireless router B setting

Login wireless router settings B management interface, in the wireless settings-Basic settings Set "SSID", "Channel", as shown:

Set up wireless signal encryption information in wireless settings--Wireless security settings

Record the SSID, channel, and encryption settings information after wireless router B is set, which is required for subsequent configuration of wireless router A and C.

Second, wireless router a settings.

1. Modify LAN port IP address. In the network parameter-lan port setting, modifies the IP address and the B router to be different (prevents the IP address conflict), like, saves, the router automatically restarts.

2. Enable the WDS feature. Once the reboot is complete, restart wireless router A with the changed LAN port IP address, and check "open WDS" in the Wireless settings-basic settings. We notice that the SSID here is not the same as the B router, of course it can be set to the same, so that you can roam within the three router coverage, that is, as long as you are at a random point within the scope of the network, to the other point in this area can also be connected to the Internet, do not have to reconnect, Re-enter the SSID is convenient to say that three routers make up a same large network.

3.WDS settings. Click "Scan" to search around the wireless signal.

Select the B router SSID number in the list of scanned signals, tp-link_841_b in the following figure, and click "Connect".

Sets the channel to be the same as the B router channel.

Set the encryption information the same as the B router, "save".

4. Shut down the DHCP server. At the DHCP server, select "Do not enable", "save", and restart the router.

Wireless Router A is configured to complete. At this point, wireless router A and wireless router B have successfully established WDS.

Third, wireless router C settings. The method set is the same as router a configuration (the IP address must not be the same as the router A, B, and other computers in the network, or it may cause an IP conflict that the computer will not be able to access).

Small series to remind the other note points:

1. Bridging mode is only responsible for connecting the primary router, exchanging data between the main routers, and not accepting the wireless wireless client connection (that is, it no longer has the wireless AP feature and the wireless network card cannot connect to this route). Connections can only be made via wired.

2.WDS is only used as an extended superior router, in addition to wireless access control, it no longer provides other firewall control functions, these features need to be implemented on the main router.

Building WDS Wireless network considerations:

1, pay attention to the choice of encryption methods to ensure that the encryption method, the key is matched.

2, attention to turn off the extended router DHCP function

3. All wireless routers joining the WDS network are working in the same channel

4, to join the WDS wireless router to configure the same network segment, but to a different IP address

5. When the scan is turned on, the wireless connection will fall off the line, so the cable connection should be used when configuring.

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