Wireless router is compromised how to set up to prevent

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First of all, through the computer landing wireless router, the general newly bought router landing site as shown in the picture:

Analysis of the type of router you buy, general instructions will have the initial router account and password or check the relevant official website can be entered landing.

After the successful landing of the interface as shown.

You are now ready to set up. Here to the TP router for example (PS different routers may not be the same interface), we can first modify the login username and password. (PS: Login account and password generally with the company are general, rather unsafe) Click on the left side of the interface System tools, choose to modify the login password, the right interface can be modified.

Second, we need to modify the background login IP. Select the LAN port settings option in network parameters, and then in the right window's IP address (PS: generally modified two values), enter a new background login IP address can be, the subnet mask "settings do not need to be modified. In this way, after resetting the IP address, and then logging on to the wireless router, enter the new address for the setting.

Next, we can set up MAC address filtering, MAC address for each network device is unique. You can find a MAC address in your DHCP project that allows you to connect to the device, and then select the Wireless MAC address filter item in your wireless settings and click "Allow" in the right window.

Finally, click on the "Add new Entry" button to enter the selected MAC address, and finally in the "effective" option, select Save. It's done!

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